What 2019 events are worth watching as a punter?

A boat and a landscape
Sports bettors have more choices than ever in terms of what they can watch. With so many more sports on television now than ever before, the possibilities are virtually endless for those who want to both watch and wager on sports. But which sporting events are most worth the attention of bettors? That depends largely on the year and what ... Read more

TheScore lays groundwork for national wagering

Infamous sports items such as a tennis racket or a basketball
One of the biggest success stories to emerge from Canada has been TheScore, a sports content brand that is based out of the country and has provided some of the most high-quality developments in the sports and journalism content spaces. And TheScore has done a great job of building products that will lay the groundwork for more innovation in Canada, ... Read more

What is jurisdiction-free wagering?

Smartphone, cups, two cards and a soccer ball
One of the biggest things that has made online betting so important as of late is the presence of technology. It has changed the way that players bet, allowing them to do so on mobile devices, among other options. But there is one way that sports betting online has the chance to change once again, and that is through the ... Read more