American odds explained

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With sports betting being so popular around the world, it’s no surprise that there are a wide array of ways to read sports betting odds. Just like the world has different systems of measurement, there are plenty of ways for betting odds to be read. The most common forms of betting odds, though, are those that are deemed the European ... Read more

Statistics vs. emotion in wagering

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When it comes to wagering on sports, there are so many things that go into each game that it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Figuring out when to back certain teams over others, when to trust your instincts, and when to trust statistics are all important pieces to a puzzle that can be solved, but isn’t easy to ... Read more

Most popular teams to wager on

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Canadian sports betting is at an interesting point, in that the country is filled with passionate sports fans, while the country is also filled with plenty of sports teams to cheer for. As a result, plenty of action comes in on those Canadian teams, both from domestic fans and from fans abroad. But when it comes to betting on Canadian ... Read more

How to tell if a promo is good

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It is more or less unheard of to open up an online sportsbook and see that there is not a promotion listed somewhere on the front page. This makes sense, as sites are trying to get players to join up with them, especially as the sports betting industry continues to see a rapid rise in popularity around the world. But ... Read more

How wagering can help the nation prosper

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Sports betting is a great way for bettors to enjoy their favorite sports and to feel as close as possible to the teams that they back. And in Canada, fans are able to wager on sports to enjoy the game in a similar way. But beyond the impacts that sports betting can have on sports fandom across Canada, there is ... Read more

How to wager on the national basketball team

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Canada’s national basketball team is a fast-growing program within the overall sporting landscape in Canada. With the popularity of basketball continuing to grow worldwide, the team needs to keep up with an incredibly competitive international landscape, while growing the quality of its players for preparation ahead of key events like the Olympics and World Cup. And with the current version ... Read more

Places punters should visit

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Sports betting is something that is done around the world, with sports betting being something of a universal language that bridges cultural and societal gaps. As a result, traveling to take in some of the great sports betting destinations of the world is anything but a bad idea, as bettors can see what wagering is like around the globe. For ... Read more

Should Blue Jays and Raptors push for more wagering?

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With sports betting being at an all-time high in popularity, professional sports teams and leagues are in an interesting position. Most leagues and teams talk about wanting to preserve the integrity of their organizations when betting-related topics come up, but they also understand that it can be incredibly good business to get involved with anything related to wagering. In Canada, ... Read more