Single wagers are gaining momentum

A glove, a baseball and dollar bills
The legalization of single game betting in Canada has been gaining some momentum in the last few years, but has ramped up recently for a number of reasons. Many lawmakers and candidates for office in Canada have made legalizing the practice a part of their platform, pointing toward the loss opportunities for revenue and the fact that many people in ... Read more

Sportradar, PrizeLogic join forces for new collaboration

An ice hockey goal and the Canadian flag
Sportradar is joining forces with the well-known incentivized engagement powerhouse company PrizeLogic in an effort to completely reimagine what's up for grabs in terms of sports wagering. This agreement between the two companies will make it possible for an even larger audience to take advantage of the real-time information that Sportradar provides. Companies across the globe are continuing to be ... Read more

New Wave Esports acquires Even Matchup Gaming

Many dollar bils
The Esports world is about to experience some change and possible expansion in Canada. That's because New Wave Esports Corp. has entered into an agreement to purchase Even Matchup Gaming. The purchase price of $1.23 million will be split between shares and cash ($550,000) paid out over six months. At the end of that timeframe, NWE will own all of ... Read more

Single wagering is in the hands of the government

Ice hockey field Canada
There are many laws on the books in Canada and other countries that were created years ago for valid reasons. Today, though, society seems to have outgrown some of these laws, and many are pushing to change them. One of those laws makes it illegal to wager on the outcome of a single sports game. In Canada, it is only ... Read more