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In my opinion, a bookmaker comparison or online sportsbooks comparison is the best way for bettors to find great and accordingly place wagers, as they don’t have to jump through the hoops of going to a physical location to place bets. These sites have their various perks, which vary depending on which site is being used. They also vary based on the types of betting that are offered to players, which might appeal to some players more than others. In this guide to online bookmakers in Canada, find out everything you need to know about online sports betting and what you should consider when choosing the betting site for you. You will read more about the various betting options, the best promotions and what you can do if you have an answer. Also, learn more about regulation aspects and the customer service of the best bookmakers for Canadian players. But first, you will see a table with several attractive bookmakers.

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How to choose an online bookmaker

Smartphone, cups, two cards and a soccer ballChoosing an online bookmaker is the most important thing that a bettor can do. This process will determine how positive your online wagering experience will be in the future, in terms of the odds that are available and the types of bets that you can place. It is, of course, possible to choose more than one bookmaker, but if you are looking for the most straightforward process you will likely be picking one bookmaker. One of the most important things you can do in your process of picking an online betting site is to read reviews.

People with experience around sports betting sites provide their unfiltered opinions in each review, allowing bettors to make a comparison between sites from an objective source.

Alternatively, bettors can form their own comparison by going to each site and evaluating how each site stacks up in the areas that matter to you most. We are going to cover some of the main criteria that sports bettors care about when they choose an online bookmaker below. But whatever your most important criteria are, making a list of them and taking notes on which sites are the best in those things is a great way to figure out which sites are going to be the most advantageous to you as a player.

Some bettors prefer going with established brands that have sponsorship agreements with big-name organizations, like Betway or 888Sport. Other bettors like sites that have a wide array of betting markets to choose from, like LeoVegas Sports. And others like sites where they can bet on sports, play casino games, and enjoy other forms of wagering such as Spin Sports or LeoVegas Sports.

Above all else, it’s key to remember that not every sports bettor is the same. While there are some sites that are considered better than others across the board, those sites might not be good enough for you individually. Wading through the groupthink to find the site that is going to be right for you is hard, but will ultimately be worth it.

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How to pick the best bookmaker offer

Bookmaker offers are a big reason that most players join up with specific sites. These offers tend to come in the form of bonuses, free bets, or matched bets, that entice new players to get involved with a site to help build their bankroll without a big initial risk involved. Picking the right bookmaker offer can vary based on your preferences, but avoiding some of the big pitfalls associated with bookmaker offers is important as well.

To find the best bookmaker offer, a bettor should start with the terms and conditions on each site they are interested in playing with. The terms and conditions can tell you important information such as when a bonus will be applied, what the deposit parameters are to take advantage of a specific bonus, and if there are any playthrough requirements associated with a bonus or you can just take a look at the following image.

A simple three step guide to find your bookmaker

The playthrough requirements are often the most important detail to keep an eye on. Some bonuses require players to play through their deposit and bonus amounts a pre-determined number of times, and some also require players to do so within a certain time frame. Knowing that ahead of time will give you insight into what you would need to wager and how often you will need to login and bet to get there.

Also, while it sounds obvious, it’s important to make sure that a bonus that you are interested in playing with is available for Canadian players. Some sites show generic bonus information on the front page of a site, but further investigation will reveal that Canadian players are not eligible to take advantage. Knowing that ahead of time could be the difference between a good bookmaker choice and a poor one.

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Regulation, licensing and why it matters

Regulation is one of the more underrated aspects of choosing an online bookmaker. The definition of regulation is the act of oversight over a specific industry or entity, and that oversight is one of the most important things that can work in the favor of bettors as they utilize the services of bookmakers.

In Canada, regulatory bodies are different for each province. The nation as a whole is sports betting friendly, but checking the individual regulations of each province is important. Offshore bookmakers are subject to different regulations, as they are based outside of Canada.

That leaves regulation and licensing up to the countries in which each site is based. No matter where a site is based, though, making sure that a site is licensed somewhere is all that matters. Also, if you want to know more about two important regulatory organizations, consider the following table.

Regulatory organizationAddressTelephone numerE-Mail
Malta Gaming AuthorityBuilding SCM 02-03, Level 4,
SmartCity Malta,
Ricasoli SCM1001,
+356 2546 9000[email protected]
Gibraltar Gambling CommissionerGRA 2nd floor, Eurotowers 4, 1
Europort Road Gibraltar
+350 20074636[email protected]

Why does it matter, you ask? The biggest reason that it matters is that without that licensing and regulation, there is no guarantee that you can trust the sportsbook brand you are looking at. In order to be licensed, a site needs to make sure that they can keep the information of their users secure. Both payment information and other payment information needs to be kept secure. And, just as importantly, this licensing isn’t possible if a site won’t pay its players reliably.

Sports betting odds explained

Sports betting odds are what determine how much a bettor stands to win when they wager a given amount on a specific market. But not all sites are created equal when it comes to odds, as some sites have better offers than others that can make some forms of wagering more profitable than they would be at other bookmakers. To put it bluntly, finding the best sports betting odds requires some digging, but isn’t difficult once you get a feel for things.

The best explanation of sports betting odds is that they serve to give bettors an idea as to who is favored to win a given match or something along those lines depending on what betting market is being chosen. In situations like spreads or totals wagering, the odds will be just about even, with the house getting a small percentage of wagers on each side known as vig or juice. For wagers where the outcomes are the winner of a match or whether or not something will take place, the odds might be a little more skewed toward which result is more likely to take place.

Also, there are many ways to present odds, depending where you want to place your bets and in which country you are. Just take a look at the following table.

Way odds are presentedHome teamAway team
Boston Red SoxChicago White Sox

But no matter which kinds of betting markets you are interested in, line shopping is important. If you like to bet on spreads more than other markets, finding a site that offers the best odds for spread betting would be the right call. Similarly, if you like finding underdogs on the moneyline, a site that pays out on underdogs more generously than its competition would be the one for you. And with so many different types of betting markets out there, this means that there is no one set answer as to which site offers the most favorable odds.

Mobile sports betting explained

Betting on sports is fun no matter where it is done. But sometimes you want to go out and do things, like going to see some sports in person, and don’t want to have to give up your ability to bet online to do so. That is where the world of mobile sports betting comes into play. Mobile sports betting is an ever-growing segment of the sports betting world that is taking all of the action players want and making it more compatible with the devices that we carry with us everywhere we go and it is also very simple as this image shows you.

Make in play bets in three steps

One of the key components to mobile sports betting is the rise of sports betting apps. These apps are designed specifically for the device that a player is using, with iOS and Android devices having apps specifically designed for their own app stores. There are also apps for other device types such as Windows phones that are less popular, but still have a place in today’s marketplace. These apps are scaled perfectly for the device type being used, so players don’t have to do the constant zooming in and out that can make mobile site betting a headache at times.

The biggest benefit to mobile sports betting is clearly the fact that bettors can enjoy the action they want while on the go. But there are other benefits to be had as well. For example, some sites do offer bonuses to players who are specific to mobile devices. Then there is the fact that there are so many other apps that feature picks and analysis that betting on mobile can be beneficial from a wins and losses perspective as well.

Online sports betting payment methods

When people think of payment methods, they usually just think of ways that they have to pay for a good or service. But in the sportsbook world, payment methods has something of a double meaning. Yes, payment methods can mean the ways that a player funds their account. But it can also mean the ways that a player can receive funds in the way of withdrawals after they place winning bets. Either way, any site worth its salt will have a wide enough selection of each that they can accommodate the financial requirements of a diverse group of bettors.

The most common form of payment methods in terms of deposits are credit and debit cards, with popular e-wallets and actual bank transactions like bank transfers also being used to fund accounts. These transactions are usually instant, and the sites themselves rarely take fees from them, although that is something to check with each individual site. For withdrawals, the transactions might take a little longer, although still within reason.

While getting paid is great, there aren’t always the same ways to get paid as there were to pay into a site. Therefore, a smart bettor will check for a list of available financial options before making a deposit to make sure they can be paid in a way that works for them. To give you an example, here is a list of available withdrawal methods and the time it takes until they are processed.

Withdrawal MethodWithdrawal
E-wallet0-24 hours
Credit/Debit cards3-5 days
Bank transfer2-5 days
Bank checkNo available option
Neteller3-5 days
Mastercard3-5 days
Visacard3-5 days
Paysafecard3-5 days

The importance of customer service

Customer service is so important in the sports betting world, because every question is important. If it wasn’t, bettors wouldn’t be asking them. Because of this, top rated bookmakers often employ several forms of customer service to meet the needs of their players. The best option is usually the live chat option, as players can get answers to their questions from a live agent right away. But bettors can also get their answers via phone and email in most cases.

Believe it or not, there are still sites out there that don’t offer live chat services to their players. In those cases, bettors who want an answer right away will have to go to the phones to get a response without having to wait. If your question can wait a little while, it might not hurt to send your bookmaker an email, which takes longer to get an answer to but provides a written record of the interaction.

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Bookmaker comparison – Short summary

If you consider the above elements when picking an online bookmaker in Canada, you should have no problem finding the right site for you. All of the bonuses and payment methods in the world are great, but they have to make sense for what you need as a bettor. Let me give you another advice: Being mindful of your specific needs is the most important advice to take to heart when evaluating online bookmakers. If you do that, the odds should be in your favor in terms of finding a sports betting site that will make you happy for an extended period of time. Of course, aside from bookmakers and odds there are many more important aspects, just take a look at the following page.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
There are plenty of bookmakers and this site has presented you the very best for Canadian players.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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1. Betway Sports New Logo C$200
2. Selectbet new logo C$150
3. Fourth logo Sports Interaction C$125
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1. Betway Sports New Logo 10/10
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