Sports Betting in Canada – The Best Betting Sites for Canadian Players

The Canadian sports betting market is about to rise. More and more companies povide betting possibilities and that is your chance to make some money and to be entertained. The articles on this website will prepare you with in-depth information and make ready for your next bet. If you want to be fully prepared for your online sports betting expericence, make sure you don´t miss them.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief

We show you the best bookmakers, with the highest odds and attractive promotions. Especially for Canadian players.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief

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How to pick a Bookmaker and how to Start Betting on Sports

Sports betting is one of the fastest growing portions of the online betting industry, as the continued legalization of the action around the world has made it more and more popular among sports fans. In Canada, bettors can take part in legalized sports betting, but should keep their eyes open for a number of things when they do so. In this guide to sports betting in Canada, a sports betting for dummies course of sorts, we will run down the basics to bet on sports in Canada, including how to choose a bookmaker and how sports betting works as a whole, to help you become a sports betting champ.

Choosing a bookmaker is one of the most important things that a sports bettor will do, as a betting site will dictate what they can wager on, what limits exist, and how they are able to perform deposits and withdrawals into their account. When choosing a bookmaker, it is important to weigh all of the different factors to determine what site does the best job of meeting your individual needs, as is the case with most how to questions. To make your life easier, we created a simple three steps guide that shows you how you can find the best bookmaker within minutes.

Guide to find your bookmaker

If you are a bettor who enjoys a lot of different betting markets, for example, a site like Betway might be the one for you. If you are looking for a site that has been a trusted brand in the industry for a long time, something like 888Sport might be high on your list. For fans of sports betting who want to be able to live stream sporting events from their bookmaker, 22bet is a solid choice.

For bettors who want to combine their sports betting with high-quality casino action, Spin Sports and LeoVegas Sports are good options. All of these are examples of how bookmakers can meet the needs of different players, and you will want to find a site that does the same for you.

Of course, most bettors have a multitude of needs, rather than the one top priority that was mentioned for each site above. To help determine which site is best for you, it can be helpful to make a list or a spreadsheet to determine how many of your needs are being met by each site before you sign up. That way, you can see right in front of you which sites would be best for you and which might not be able to give you the experience that you are looking for.

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Is Sports Betting Legal in Canada?

Sports betting is indeed legal in Canada, thanks to some pretty serious and pretty new changes in legislation that took place in the 1990s. Prior to that time, all gambling in Canada was deemed illegal under the country’s criminal code. Fortunately for bettors, though, it was realized that betting isn’t a criminal activity, and that there is nothing wrong with the industry when it is regulated and made to follow the proper protocol.

There is a little gray area to be found when it comes to sports betting in Canada, namely in the form of using sports betting options from within the country. Sportsbook brands from within Canada itself tend to require parlay wagers instead of single-game bets, which can pay out well, but also carry a lower win probability. As a result, many bettors choose to go with offshore sports betting sites.

Today, many of the biggest sports betting sites in the world operate in Canada thanks to its approach to sports betting, which is to allow it and regulate it properly. We will get back to regulation shortly, but the legality of sports betting in Canada is not in question whether it comes in the form of offshore sports betting or wagering through brands from within the country. If you want to go with an option that allows betting on single-game action, though, offshore wagering will be your best bet. That, again, depends on your preferences as a bettor.

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Regulation, Licenses and what You Need to Know

The process of regulation and licensing is an interesting one, in that it varies depending on which province you are in without a province-by-province consensus. Just like the United States has different regulations depending on which state you are in, bettors in Canada have different regulatory bodies that oversee the sports betting industry. The regulation in each province usually come in the form of different liquor and gaming commissions.

On a broader scale, licensing for online sportsbooks is an important topic, in that licensing can reveal to sports bettors which sites are legit and trustworthy and which might not be the safest. Sportsbooks that are based in Canada should be licensed with gaming commissions in their respective provinces, while offshore sportsbooks should be licensed in the countries in which they are based. When it comes to offshore sportsbooks, that licensing is important, as bookmakers from other countries might not be trustworthy if they don’t come with that assurance. Also, look out for other cues, such as those statements.

Regardless of where you do your sports betting, make sure that there is some kind of licensing that has taken place. It serves as a sort of stamp of approval that tells players that they can trust that their payments should be securely handled and that their information will be kept safe, as those are generally requirements to secure licensing. This might take some researching, but it is ultimately worth it.

How Online Sports Betting Works: Sports Betting Promotions

Sports betting promotions are great, in that they can increase a bettor’s bankroll before they get started with a site. These often function in a few different ways, either through bonuses on top of a player’s deposits, free bets, or matched and risk-free bets. There are, of course, other methods of administering promotions, but these are the main methods that players should see when they get going with a site.

Free bets and matched bets are also a common sportsbook promotion types. Sites will offer free bets in exchange for a certain amount deposited when a player starts at a site. This is a nice way to get started, although many free bets have maximum odds that can cap the winnings that stem from them. Matched or risk-free bets require a player to place an initial wager within a specified amount, where they can receive an additional bet worth the same amount or have a losing bet reimbursed. These are often cheap ways to win with little to no risk involved.

An attractive 888 Sport welcome offer

888 Sport provides a great welcome offer

Deposit bonuses are usually done in the form of a percentage bonus on top of either an initial deposit or subsequent deposits down the road. These bonuses can vary in both percentage and the amount of bonus funds that are awarded, but tend to be fixed on each individual site. It’s important to remember that picking a site based on a deposit bonus might not be the best option if the bonus requires a high deposit amount to receive a decent amount.

No matter what promotions are available at a site, it is a good idea to take a look at the terms and conditions at each bookmaker to make sure that a promotion is right for you.

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How to Utilize Free Bets

Free bets are a great way that players can place a wager without having to risk any of their own funds. As mentioned earlier, bettors can earn free bets on top of an initial deposit or as a part of a site’s welcome promotions. But sites also give these bets away as a part of promotions after the original promotional period for bettors as well.

These free bets are done as part of promotions around specific events in some cases, such as the World Cup or other high-profile events. In these instances, bettors can often get a free bet in exchange for placing a certain kind of bet on the event being highlighted. Additionally, sites might give away free bets in contests or games that foster a sense of community on their site. Taking a look at what site has to offer throughout the year and around marquee events is a good idea, to get an idea of what to expect should you sign up in the future.

As mentioned before, free bets are often subject to odds limits, to where players can’t just place a parlay bet that would promise a giant payout. But the chance to add a little extra to the bankroll is welcome, and that is the place of free bets.

How Free Sports Picks can Benefit you

Sports betting picks are a valuable commodity, as they can be a service that can help bettors win their wagers. Whereas casual bettors aren’t able to keep as close an eye on everything going on in the world of sports over the course of the year, the free sports picks community is comprised of experts who follow specific sports very closely and can give bettors the best possible information to help them win.

Of course, bettors should not pay for sports betting picks, as paying for picks would require them to win at a greater percentage to make a profit following the payment of the picks provider. Instead, there are people who provide free sports betting picks who are a more economical option for bettors looking to win at sports betting without having to dive too deeply into the specifics of each match themselves.

When looking for free picks, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, take a look and see if a picks provider is someone who holds themself accountable by keeping records of their past wins and losses. If someone won’t display their past records, that could be a sign that they haven’t been successful in the past and are looking to cover that up. Also, bettors who use their real name and have verified themselves in some way is a big step toward establishing credibility, as those people are less likely to hide from losing picks.

What to Know about Sports Betting Apps

Sports betting apps are the way of the future, in that bettors are deciding in greater and greater numbers that they want to wager on mobile devices. I am also a part of them and a bookmaker would be remiss if they did not give players a chance to bet while on a mobile platform, and that is why more and more betting sites are offering apps to their players, also the following reasons help to explain the popularity of sports betting apps.

Mobile sports betting in Canada - How it works

There are plenty of factors to think about when evaluating sports betting apps, with the design of the app being one of the most important. A sportsbook can have all of the best betting markets, odds, and promotions in the world, but if their app makes it hard to navigate to the sport you want or to find matches featuring the teams you are interested in, it is useless.

Taking a few minutes to read reviews of different sportsbook apps can help save you a major headache in avoiding the apps that are poorly designed. Fortunately, most app stores like the Apple App Store and Google Play keep their review information easy to find so you don’t have to jump through hoops to determine if an app is of high quality.

Also, the availability of mobile app specific promotions is often a huge selling point for these apps. Some bookmakers will award deposit bonuses or free bets to players who try out their mobile app, as a way to entice players to switch to the app. How worthwhile those promotions are depends on the site, but they could be worth a look if you are already considering doing your betting on mobile.

How to read Sports Betting Odds

Sports betting odds are one of the most important things that any bookmaker will provide, in that they determine how profitable a wager is going to be in a sense. But despite their importance, many are still left asking “how do odds work in sports betting?” Here is a quick look at how to read sports betting odds, which is one of the cornerstones of how to be good at sports betting.

They are largely a math game, one that professional bettors understand and that you can understand as well. For example, most single-game wagers against the spread will have odds of -110 when both sides are considered to have an equal chance to win. That means that when a bettor is trying to win $100, they have to risk $110, so that the house gets it cut when wagering is equal on both sides.

InfoHome teamAway teamWinning odds home teamWinning odds away team
Bookmaker #1St. Louis BluesBoston Bruins-105 = 105 C$ wager to win 100 C$-105 = 105 C$ wager to win 100 C$
Bookmaker #2St. Louis BluesBoston Bruins-110 = 110 C$ wager to win 100 C$-110 = 110 C$ wager to win 100 C$

Now, imagine if you will, that a specific bookmaker offers odds of -105 in the same match with the same spread. That would only require a bettor to risk $105 to win $100, which would mean that even a losing bet would be subject to $5 fewer lost, but would carry the same potential win amount. That might not seem like much during a one game sample size, but over the course of a lot of bets, it could really add up.

Fortunately for bettors, there do exist some bookmakers who offer more favourable odds than the standard -110 spread odds unlike betting exchanges, where odds can vary based on demand. And there are some bookmakers who offer more generous odds than their competition on moneylines, totals, and any other betting markets that are out there. The key is to take the time to compare odds across several sites to find which sites are doing this, as this can make a bettor more profitable in the long run without the bettor even having to win more wagers. That comparison can be a huge difference maker in terms of overall profits.

Odds tend to seem more complex than they are, but pro betting firms and other pro bettors understand that there are no secrets or a mysterious formula to them. Once you get over the intimidation of the odds, you too can understand them easily.

How to be Successful at Live Betting

Live betting, or in-play betting, is becoming one of the most popular forms of sports betting. It eliminates the pressure that a bettor might feel to get their wager in before the start of a game, as they can just bet on that same match while it is already in progress. This might not sound appealing to every bettor, but there are many reasons that live betting is as popular as it is, including some that could have a direct benefit for a player’s bottom line.

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One of the biggest keys to in-play betting is the fact that bettors can find value in the live betting lines that may not have existed before the match started. For example, if a team in the Canadian Football League was a three-point underdog heading into a game, but gave up a touchdown on the game’s first possession, they might be something like a five-point underdog on the in-play betting interface after conceding the opening score. Bettors who thought the underdog would cover the spread could then get their underdog at an even better price, knowing that they only had to make up one possession to have a more favourable set of odds for the rest of the game.

In-play betting carries a lot of different options, and it is extremely important to avoid falling into traps when it comes to live betting. Placing a live wager to chase a pre-match wager that looks like it is going to lose is something to avoid, as is placing too many live bets due to all of the options that are out there. Players who can stay disciplined can have plenty of success live betting, just like they can with pre-match wagering.

What to Know about Prop Bets

Prop betting is another form or pre-match wagering, where bettors can bet on the performances of specific players or teams regarding hyper-specific questions. These often come in the form of asking how many points a player or team will score or something similar regarding a specific set of statistical categories. But there are more fun prop bets available as well that usually gain notoriety around high-profile sporting events.

In big games such as the Grey Cup or Super Bowl, the list of available prop bets at most bookmakers will expand to include questions about the spectacle of the event itself. Wagers about halftime performers, the attire of coaches, and what language will be used by broadcasters can become available prop bets, which make the available selections all the more fun and something that caters to casual bettors as well as serious bettors who are looking for a change of pace.

Some sites even have prop bet builders, where bettors can choose a player, a statistical category, and a total to bet the over or under on. These prop bet builders are great for bettors who have an intimate knowledge of a team or player and want to put that knowledge to the test. Even if you aren’t a fan of prop betting, it is interesting to take the time to try one of these prop bet builders to see what kinds of combinations you can come up with and how the odds change when you make a change to your selection.

Payment Methods and what Bettors should Look at

Having a sportsbook account is a great way to enjoy sports by having some skin in the game, but in order to have that skin in the game, a bettor needs to be able to fund their account. That is where different payment methods come into play. These various methods will allow players to put funds into their account, which they can then use to bet on whatever action they see fit. Naturally, for a site to be usable to a player, they need to have deposit methods that match with a player’s financial needs.

Most big-name sportsbooks offer similar deposit methods, including credit cards from major credit card companies, popular e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller, and more bank-related methods like wire transfers and checks. These methods put together are usually enough to meet the needs of bettors, but that can always vary depending on an individual’s preferences and should be checked out ahead of time. The following table shows the withdrawal methods that are accepted by LeoVegas and it also shows how long it takes until the money appears on your account.

Withdrawal MethodWithdrawal
E-wallet0-24 hours
Credit/Debit cards3-5 days
Bank transfer2-5 days
Bank checkNo available option
Neteller3-5 days
Mastercard3-5 days
Visacard3-5 days
Paysafecard3-5 days

Also important when considering deposit methods is whether or not a site will charge any fees to use a specific method. Some sites might charge a small fee to fund an account via credit card, for example, although that practice is largely being eradicated as sites try to remain competitive with one another. Either way, this is an area that should not be overlooked.

Similarly, players should check to make sure that they can withdraw funds in a way that works for them. Bettors often have the ability to deposit funds in more ways than they can withdraw them. That is to be expected, but if a site doesn’t offer a method of withdrawal that you can actually use, then you would have no way of receiving your winnings. This is something that should be verified before an initial deposit is made.

Also worth checking out before getting too heavily involved with a betting site is how freely funds can be transferred from one section of a site to another. Some sites offer things like casino gaming as well as the traditional sports betting, and that often requires bettors to transfer money from the sportsbook section to another section in what is referred to as a multi-wallet system.

Other sites, meanwhile, offer what is known as a single-wallet system. In a single-wallet system, bettors have one bankroll that can be used across every section of the site without funds needing to be transferred from one area to the other. This, obviously, is a more convenient option for players who want to do more than just sports betting on their preferred betting site. Of course, if you are only interested in sports betting, none of that would be a concern. But it is just another factor to add to the list of considerations when picking a bookmaker.

Info about the Sportsbooks Customer Service

Customer service is important when using online sportsbooks, as you may have questions as you go through your internet sports betting journey. Most sites have a FAQ section or some kind of knowledge base that you can go through yourself to answer some of the more commonly asked questions, but having actual people to answer questions that cater to your specific situation is extremely valuable.

There are usually three main methods that sports betting sites use to cater to their customer service needs: live chat, email, and phone. Each of these has their strengths and could be the number one choice of bettors depending on their needs. But its the availability of each option that is important, as any site that fails to provide even one of these options might not be able to meet your specific desires as far as how to get your questions answered. If you want to know which customer services channels are available at three of the best sportsbooks take a look at the following table.

 LeoVegas888 SportBetway
Livechat:Available 24/7No livechat availableIs available 24/7
E-Mail:[email protected]Send an inquiry via the contact form[email protected]
Telephone:+1 (855) 820-9090Not available1-877-811-2604
Contact form:On the websiteAvailable via the websiteIs not available
Visit nowVisit nowVisit now

Live chat is usually the most preferable option for customer service, as players can have their questions answered instantly by a real person through a live online chat on the website. The availability of live chat is usually a given at top ten betting sites and those of similar quality. Email is a slower option, with players having to wait for their email to be responded to, but there is a written record of the interactions that take place there. And phone support is instant as well, although there is no way to keep a record of the conversation. Each of these has their perks, and should be a part of a site’s total customer service plan.

Worth keeping in mind here is that players should make sure that their site of choice has English-speaking representatives, or representatives in another language that the bettor can understand, to make sure they are being helped as efficiently as possible. A lack of understanding of customer service reps would render those services useless.

Sports Betting Tips and Tricks: How to get Good at Sports Betting

In addition to all of the valuable information I provided above, there are some other tips that should be shared regarding sports betting as a whole. These are not all of the things that bettors should remember when they place their bets, but they should hopefully provide some important reminders as far as some dos and don’ts when getting ready to enjoy the sports betting industry in all its glory.

The most important thing for sports bettors to remember is that sports betting should be fun. As such, it should be done responsibly to avoid what should be a fun activity turning into something significantly less fun. This means that players should set budgets as far as what they are willing to risk, and that players should only risk what they can realistically afford to. Most sites offer the ability to set wagering limits or budgets, which is worth checking out.

Secondly, bettors should know that they will have to verify their information in order to be paid out by most sports betting sites. This is just how online sports betting works, and is something that the top 10 sports betting companies and beyond do to ensure that you are who you say you are on their site. If that is something you are not comfortable with, that is fine, but that also means that you should avoid making deposits into sites that you won’t be able to recover your funds from.

Perhaps the most valuable information about sports betting is about exactly that: value. Namely, that sports betting is all about finding value. While most recreational bettors are there to put money on the more high-profile sporting events out there, it is usually smarter to stick with something you know intimately and use that knowledge of terminology and teams to find where some odds could be in your favor. Along those same lines, bettors should avoid blindly backing their favourite teams as, even if they are really good, they are not perfect.

Bettors should use the three S’s to make smart wagers: stats, systems, and strategies. Combining those elements will create a winning strategy that should minimize foolish wagering, as statistics and analytics can create an advantage over bettors who don’t employ those techniques. This analysis is the sort of thing that those who bet for a living do, as fact-based bankroll management is a good way to progress toward betting as a career.

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How to make the Most of Your Online Football Betting Options

Betting on football is one of the most popular forms of sports betting in the world, even if the majority of that betting is done in the United States and Canada where the sport is most popular. The main forms of football betting out there are spread, moneyline, and totals wagers, with the primary leagues that are wagered on being the NFL and college football in the United States, and the Canadian Football League. Thanks to the schedules of these leagues, there are only a few months out of the year where there isn’t football to be wagered on. But, if you place bets than you can benefit from great future odds, as the following table shows you.

Winner - Including playoffsOdds
Tampa Bay Lightning+700
Vegas Golden Knights+1000
Boston Bruins+1150
Nashville Predators+1400
Toronto Maple Leafs+1400

Spread wagering is the most popular form of football betting, as bettors are tasked with predicting the winner with a point handicap added to or subtracted from the team of their choice. This can be tricky, as favourites are not always as dominant as they seem in the NFL, where college football can be susceptible to blowouts on a more regular basis. Moneyline wagering, where a bettor simply has to pick the winner straight up, seems easier on the surface, but the odds required to back favourites can make it just as tricky if not moreso.

Player and team props are also popular in online football betting, where bettors can choose certain statistical categories or facets of the game and wager on their outcomes within the context of the overall contest.

What makes Tennis Betting so Interesting

Tennis betting consists largely of futures betting and single match wagering, with the futures side of things mainly asking bettors to pick who will win specific tournaments. The majority of that action focuses on the four Grand Slam tournaments each year, with the top players on the ATP and WTA world tours being considered the favourites on their most preferred surfaces.

Single match betting is broken up into three main markets: spread betting, moneyline betting, and totals. Spread betting in tennis applies a predetermined number of service games as a handicap to the player you’ve backed, with the player who has the highest number of service games won after the handicap winning the wager. Moneyline betting asks simply who is going to win the match, and totals betting in tennis asks how many service games will be played for the duration of the contest and you can benefit from parlay betting, if you choose two or more moneyline bets. Just look at the following table.

TournamentStart dateEnd date
Wimbledon 2020June 29, 2020July 12, 2020

Worth noting about tennis betting online is the fact that different sportsbooks have different rules regarding retirements. It is important before betting on tennis that you find out what those rules are, as they can determine whether or not you win a bet if a player has to retire due to injury or illness during a match.

How you can be Successfull at Basketball Betting

Basketball betting is focused largely on the NBA, given that is features the best collection of talent in professional basketball. But there are plenty of other leagues and competitions to bet on basketball in, with the Euroleague as the highlight in addition to elite leagues in Spain. The NBA and college basketball in the United States tend to have the most betting markets available, though, given the high profile nature of those leagues.

Basketball betting can be challenging, as bettors should know going in what is on the line for both teams. With the basketball season being longer than the season in other sports, especially in the NBA, teams sometimes rest players or spend games trying to work out specific facets of their games. This can lead to teams not playing up to expectations at times, and should be evaluated when handicapping basketball games.

Home teams tend to outperform road teams in the NBA, thanks to the disproportionate travel demands that pro basketball teams have to face. Unlike college sports, where teams are in geographically based conferences, pro teams often have to travel thousands of miles to play road games. That can, understandably, impact a team’s performance in some situations. Overall, situational betting is arguably more important in basketball than in any other sport.

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Tips for your Ice Hockey Betting Options

Hockey betting requires knowing more than just a team’s statistics, as the game requires a chemistry and toughness that few other sports can rival. When betting hockey, knowing how each line on a team works together is essential, as that often decides how successful a team is. And, of course, given how much contact takes place in hockey, keeping up on injury reports is essential to long-term success.

You can see an ice hockey stickHockey wagers on a single-game basis are broken into puckline, moneyline, and totals wagers. Puckline bets ask bettors who will cover the spread, which is usually 1.5 goals for one team or the other. Moneyline bets offer action on who will win a game straight up, with some sites offering the draw through regulation as a third option in these markets. And totals ask whether the game’s combined goal total will go over or under a predetermined total. The NHL is typically the most popular competition to wager on in hockey.

But the Russian KHL is also a very high quality league, and international competition also inspires quite a few bets. International competition, of course, often sees team Canada as the favourite due to all of the professional level talent in the country.

What makes UFC Betting so Exciting

Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most popular forms of sports betting around today, thanks to the fact that the fights tend to be short and bettors can collect their winnings and move onto their next play in a hurry. In the case of UFC betting, there are a few main forms of wagers to choose from: moneyline bets and totals betting.

Moneyline bets in MMA betting are simply asking which fighter will come out on top. Totals betting, meanwhile, inquire into how many rounds will take place in a fight. Given how one devastating shot is all it takes to end a MMA fight, these markets require bettors to have an intimate knowledge of a fighter’s style.

Additionally, many bookmakers offer action on how a fight will end specifically. Combination bets on who the winner of the fight will be and what method of victory they’ll take to get there are immensely popular. Given that it is harder to predict how a fight will end than just who will win a fight, these combined markets often offer better odds for bettors who are confident in how their fighter of choice will finish the job within the confines of the octagon.

Info about Online Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing betting is interesting, as there are so many different markets that are available. This can seem overwhelming, but the very best sportsbooks do a good job of making things digestible to where bettors can figure out how to get to what they want without any issues. The most important thing is for bettors to take a look at what their sportsbook offers, as some sites definitely prioritize horse racing betting more than others.

At most sites, bettors can wager on who will win races. But the better sites offer the exotic wagers that horse players can take on at racetracks. Win, place, and show betting allow bettors to wager on who will finish in the top three individually, while exactas, trifectas, and other markets let them predict the exact finishing order within the top spots. The odds on these exotic wagers tend to be more profitable than their singular counterparts, because of how difficult it is to predict several finishers in order.

One of the great things about betting on horse racing is the fact that the races are often two minutes long, meaning faster potential payouts and the ability to make additional wagers throughout the race day.

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Online Soccer Betting is Pure Entertainment

Soccer is without a doubt a global sport and if you look at Europe you can see one great match after another. It doesn´t matter for which team you cheer in England, Spain, Italy or Germany, you can be sure to see many great attacks and if you rely on our sports books you will get many great online soccer betting options, and great odds such as those.

Champions League Winner 2019/2020Odds
Manchester City+450
Real Madrid+600
FC Liverpool+700
Real Madrid+800
FC Bayern Munich+900

The Growing Popularity of eSports Betting

Back in the days eSports was something kid`s played when it was raining outside. Nowadays, eSports is a global phenomena. In Asia, successful eSports players are treated like Hollywood stars and now the sport comes to Canada. So if you want to benefit from eSports betting, you are at the right place.

Sports Lotteries might Surprise You

Sports lotteries aren`t very well known, but they offer more than you might expect. Another positive side effect is that they might be the distraction you need, when you can`t find any sports betting options that suit you.

Information about Baseball Betting Odds, Strategies and More

Baseball betting is not just an American thing to do. Baseball betting is global phenomena with many interesting matches, events and odds. If you want to know more about your opportunities, make sure you don`t skip the extensive article about baseball betting and take your knowledge to the next level.

Fantasy Sports Betting has to be Discussed

What would a site about online betting be if it wouldn`t discuss Fantasy sports betting? Correct, it would be incomplete. That`s why the staff has created a comprehensive article about Fantasy sports betting and all the thing`s a punter should keep in mind if he or she wants to be successfuly.

Do you need Help? Have a look at our FAQ

The field of sports betting is very big. There are numerous strategies you can use and many terms that need to be explained. If you are among those players who need a little bit of help, take a look at the comprehensive faq me and my team have created for you.

Other interesting Topics

Given the amount of topics I`ve presented to you its no surprise that there is more. So if you are curious US election, Rugby Union, Golf, Cycling, Boxing, Curling or Motorsport click on the links.

Sportsbooks and Bookmakers

The theme of this piece has been largely centered around finding a sportsbook that works best for you, the individual bettor. That is because sports betting and sports betting websites can appeal to so many different people for so many different reasons that there is not one right or wrong way to go about finding a site. As a whole, this is because sportsbooks offer so many different things to their players, with the most important of them being the availability of betting markets.

If you are a bettor who really loves tennis, for example, and you have a great knowledge of the game from the highest levels of the ATP and WTA tours all the way down to the ITF competitions, you will likely want a site that offers all of those matches to bet on.

Even a site with the best reputation in the world wouldn’t be suitable if it did not provide that action to you. Bettors who like politics can even be taken care of at some sites, with the top 5 bookmakers among others offering action on hot topics in politics. This is why, as has been mentioned numerous times here, researching prospective sports betting sites and reading reviews is vital.

As you can see from the above advice, there are tons of different things to think about when picking a sports betting site. From the odds that the site offers, to the betting markets available, to how easy it is to deposit and withdraw money. The only way to pick the best sports betting site is to sit down and learn which sites can meet the most of your needs on your own terms. Once you’ve done that, you should have some clarity as to which sites work best for you and which you may want to check back with as your needs change.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
My team and I have worked very hard to present you the best bookmakers for Canadian players that not only have a great sports selection but also attractive offers. Make sure you take a look at our shortlist.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

- Best bookmaker -
1. Betway Sports New Logo 98/100
2. Fourth logo Sports Interaction 96/100
3. Selectbet new logo 95/100
- Top bonus -
1. Betway Sports New Logo C$200
2. Selectbet new logo C$150
3. Fourth logo Sports Interaction C$125
- Best odds -
1. Betway Sports New Logo 10/10
2. Fourth logo Sports Interaction 9/10
3. Selectbet new logo 8/10