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One of the things that makes sports betting great is the fact that bettors have so many options to choose from when they go to place their bets. And, thanks to the presence of live betting, they have even more options than they used to. Live betting is a way for bettors to wager on sports online as a match is in progress, which gives them a chance to get great odds on the events that they care about most. In this guide to live betting in Canada, find out how live betting works and what makes it an appealing option for sports bettors. A great emphasis will be placed on mobile devices. You will learn how to maximize their functions to make the most of your ingame bets. You will also read more about the various strategies you can use for this kind of wagers. However, I start with an overview of bookmakers, which are suited for live betting wagers.

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The advantages and disadvantages of live betting

One of the biggest advantages to live betting is just how many options there are. Bettors can choose from marquee matchups in football such as the NFL, or they can pick games in progress in the NBA and MLB. They can even choose from more niche sports like tennis matches in the Australian Open and Wimbledon, cricket, UFC, cricket, golf, horse racing, and darts. Even esports like CSGO are up for grabs at some betting sites. That is no surprise, just look at the many aspects of live betting.

Live betting aspects infographic

As a result of all of those sports being up for live betting action, bettors have a chance to wager on a massive amount of unique markets that vary by which sports are currently going on. Fans of football, for example, can bet on the outcome of each drive that takes place during a game as it is happening. Meanwhile, fans of basketball can wager on fun side action like which team is going to score 20 points first in a quarter and tennis bettors can bet on the outcome of individual service games within the greater context of a match.

All of those different options and specific ways to get involved with the sports that bettors like best make live betting more fun than pregame betting in the eyes of many players. That, of course, is in the eye of the beholder, but the fact that all of those options exist is undeniably a good thing.

Another advantage is the fact that bettors can use online live betting to make more informed pregame bets in the future. By studying the sports they like to develop the skill to better recognize the subtle nuances of each sport, bettors will set themselves up to make smarter bets both during live and traditional betting opportunities.

Bettors will also be happy to know that they can usually get better odds by live betting than they can by only focusing on pre-match betting lines. This is because the odds of a match change in live betting and are flexible to what is happening throughout the event. The following table shows you an example of live betting odds of a basketball game.

Winning odds for Instituto Atlético Central CórdobaOdds for a drawWinning odds for San Lorenzo De Almagro

So a big series of plays in one direction or another can cause the market to overreact to what is going on, which can lead to a favorable set of odds if a bettor knows where to look. Finding value is the key to successful wagering, and live betting can help facilitate that.

If there are any disadvantages to live betting, it is the fact that there are so many options out there that some bettors might not have the discipline to stick to what they know. Information overload in the world of sports betting can sometimes lead to decision making that isn’t as good as it could be. Fortunately, bettors do have a way to combat all of the different choices that are out there, by being smart and responsible bettors. That is why bettors are advised to stick to the sports and markets that they know and understand.

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Some betting companies send their own employees to sport events. They communicate important events of the game to their bookmakers and these employees are called “spotters”.

What strategies should I use?

Just like pre-match betting, live betting is all about strategy. There are multiple strategies that a bettor can choose from when they are live betting to give them the best chance to win when they take on all of the live betting markets that are out there. The first key here is to bet intelligently, as the sheer volume of live betting markets can be overwhelming and cause bettors to lose focus is they get too wrapped up in what is out there.

This is especially true when it comes to bettors who might be willing to chase a losing bet with a live wager. Chasing is never a good idea, which is why the first strategy worth mentioning is to never use live betting as a way to try and make up for previous losses in other bets. Doing this prevents bettors from approaching live betting with the most intelligent mindset, which can severely impact the chances a bettor has to place winning wagers.

The smartest possible strategy is to pick a sport that a bettor knows best and to stick to that sport when live betting. Additionally, wagering only on games that you are watching intently can help improve your odds of winning your live bets. This is because watching the games can help a bettor understand the nuances of what is happening in front of them, allowing them to make more educated wagers in the live betting space.

Another smart strategy to employ when live betting is to go against the momentum of what is happening in a game. Let’s say, for example, that a team builds a big lead early in a game. That big lead is likely to swing live betting odds heavily in their favor. Sometimes, the odds will go too far in their favor, though, with the line serving as an overreaction to what has happened to that point in the contest. The key for bettors is to keep an eye out for those overreactions and to go the other way on them, creating value in the process.

This idea of going against the run of play is one of the tips that works best in basketball. With basketball being a game where scoring runs and in-game trends like scoring droughts are so common, a sportsbook can’t afford to overreact to scoring runs. But in the event that they post a line that favors one team or another by too much after one of those runs, a bettor has a real opportunity to take advantage by grabbing their opponent in anticipation of a run going the other way at some point.

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When it comes to live betting a modern mobile device is inevitable, but so is a good bookmaker. So if you are still looking for one, you might have found it here.

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What roles do mobile devices play?

The role of the mobile device in live betting is an interesting one, given that mobile devices are often just as important to live betting as they have become in most other aspects of our lives. If someone wants to make a quick purchase while they are out and about, they can do so on mobile devices. If they want to get up to the second information on a topic they care about, mobile devices are there for them. Just take a look at the following image and see how easy it is to place a live bet via your mobile.

Make in play bets in three steps

In live betting, mobile devices play a similar role. Bettors are able to place live bets via their mobile devices at tons of sites, to make sure that they get the best rates possible in the form of odds that are updated constantly throughout the games they are most interested in.

Before mobile sites and apps became so popular, bettors used to have to place such wagers on desktop devices, which required them to be either at home or with a laptop on them. Naturally, the current mobile device climate makes placing these wagers exponentially easier.

Bettors can also look up statistics and other information that can help inform their live betting decisions, which is a giant boost for those bettors. They can even chat with their friends or other knowledgeable individuals about the teams and games that they are interested on live betting on straight from those devices to get second opinions and make sure that they are placing the best possible bets at all times.

Short summary

Live betting is a great way for bettors to get as much value as they can while sports betting (read more about it on the first page), while simultaneously giving themselves as many opportunities to place wagers as possible. The amount of online bets there are to choose from are virtually limitless, with some of them being considerably more favorable than what bettors can find in pregame betting markets. If a bettor is willing to do some digging, they can find some real gems in the live betting space, and afford themselves the best chance to make some considerable profits.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
Live betting can be very profitable and with the information of my article you will increase your winning chances.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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