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The NFL is one of the most bet on sports leagues in the world, as bettors from Canada and beyond often wager on one of the most high-level professional sports leagues in existence. From week 1 of the season through the playoffs and the Super Bowl, bettors can wager online on every game. In my guide to betting on the NFL online, find out what betting markets bettors are most commonly faced with and some advice on how to conquer those markets to maximize profits. In detail, you will learn everything important about line betting, the props future betting and what the typical odds look like. Also, you will get interesting background information and will see an attractive offer, which I have selected for you. Make sure you don´t skip this article and have a look at the following table.

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Information about the spread

Betting on NFL spreads is perhaps the most common way that fans bet on NFL games. The spread market applies a handicap to whichever team is selected, with favorites having points subtracted from their total when all is said and done and underdogs having points added to their total. When the game is completed, the side with more points once that handicap is applied to your selection wins the wager, here is a simple example of the NFL spread betting odds.

Detroit Lionsvs.Green Bay Packers
+3,5 (-115)-3,5 (-105)

NFL public betting sees many bettors fail to excel against the spread, as most recreational bettors tend to overrate favorites or underdogs rather than analyzing each matchup individually. There are so many complexities and nuances to each game, that backing one side or another should fully understand and embrace everything that there is to know about each team rather than using a generalized philosophy.

As is the case with most NFL games on the field, these spread bets are normally won by figuring out which team is going to win at the line of scrimmage. With injuries on the offensive and defensive lines being such a big part of football, using that information along with how each member of the lines match up with one another goes a long way in determining who is going to cover the spread, even if one side has an advantage at quarterback or elsewhere on the field.

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How does line betting work?

Line betting, or moneyline betting, is best explained as simply choosing which team is going to win a given game. These predictions are easier to make than beating the spread betting lines, but the overall concept of moneyline betting can be harder to take a profit from due to the betting lines themselves being a little more skewed.

Whereas the spread acts like a handicap that evens the odds between the two teams, the moneyline has no such function to even the odds. Therefore, bettors are in a position where they have to either risk more to win their desired payout on the favorite, or bet on the underdog to win outright. Either way, bettors have to win higher percentages of moneyline bets to make a profit than they do on spread bets, unless they consistently back underdogs, which carry a lower win probability.

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How does the over/under options work?

A football and dollarsBetting totals in the NFL requires picks that are willing to not follow public perception of each team, as each game is so unique in this league. A game in week 2 can be completely different from the same team’s week 3 game. And by week 10, a team can look like an entirely different squad altogether depending on the personnel they use and the strategy they come into a game with. As a result, there is no one singular approach to over under betting that works. Instead, bettors have to treat every game as a complete individual. One way that NFL games can vary, even when the same team is involved in them, is the pace of play.

This is the most important factor to totals betting that is often overlooked by bettors. A team can have a high-powered offense and give up a lot of points, which would lead many to think that the total will go over for that team on a regular basis. But bettors should be aware that the opponent that team plays in two different weeks can produce wildly different results and the odds can reflect that.

Let’s say, for example, that our hypothetical team with a great offense and bad defense plays a team one week that loves to throw the ball and relies on their offense to win games as well. That game could end up being one of the most high-scoring games in NFL history. But the next week, they play a team that is inept offensively and strong defensively. That team would look to control the clock and limit the number of possessions in the game, a strategy that lends itself to the under. Knowing how both teams are going to try and play the game is important to the success of totals wagers, and is something that should not be overlooked at all.

What should I know about futures and props?

Futures and prop bets in the NFL are some of the most fun types of wagers, because of just how many different choices are available. These bets allow bettors to use trends and information on matchups, or to bet on things that aren’t happening on the field such as the NFL Draft or NFL awards.

Futures betting asks bettors to make predictions in advance, such as which teams will have playoff success and win the Super Bowl, or which player will be named league MVP. For these markets, bettors will have to analyze the entire season, rather than just a single game. This can be a challenge, but that challenge is often rewarded with large payouts for those who can do it successfully, just look at the following odds.

Team to be winner of the NFL ChampionshipOdds
New England Patriots+750
Kansas City Chiefs+850
Los Angeles Rams+1000
New Orleans Saints+1100
Philadelphia Eagles+1200

Props, meanwhile, are most often associated with the funny and crazy prop bets that you see in the Super Bowl, such as which color of beverage will be poured on the winning coach. But there are prop bets that take place throughout the season, most of which ask about individual player or team performances in specific statistical categories. Players can look at trends and matchups to project stats in these categories, to see if there is value or a breakout performance waiting to happen by someone involved in an upcoming game.

What are typical NFL betting odds?

NFL betting odds vary across many sites with each betting market, although sites to tend to reach a consensus on odds as it gets closer to an individual game time. These sites use systems to project the outcomes and use those projections to help set the lines, with the action on each side from bettors helping to decide what line moves, if any, should take place.

Spread bets see both sides with the same odds, as the spread acts as an equalizer between the two options. Of course, what odds each side has depends on the site being used and what juice or vig is charged on each side to ensure that the house gets a cut of the action as long as both sides have money coming in.

Moneyline odds are where the greatest variance will be found, as the odds are dependent on which teams are considered the most likely to win each game and here is an example of the moneyline odds.

Chicago Bearsvs.Green Bay Packers

Contests that are seen as the biggest mismatches will see teams listed as heavier favorites or bigger underdogs, while games that are seen as tighter matchups will have less of an odds disparity between the two sides. The point spread is often a good indicator of how close a matchup is perceived to be, and what the moneyline will look like as a result.

Live betting odds are also available at many sportsbooks, where bettors can find updated odds throughout games to give themselves a look at the most value possible. NFL bettors have so many different places where they can find insights on matchups, with tips services and preview services available to help bettors make sense of each matchup and betting market. If they can use those services to their advantage, while taking the advice above, they should be in prime position to bet successfully on the NFL.

Short summary

Live betting odds are also available at many sportsbooks, where bettors like me can find updated odds throughout games to give themselves a look at the most value possible. NFL bettors have so many different places where they can find insights on matchups, with tips services and preview services available to help bettors make sense of each matchup and betting market. If they can use those services to their advantage, while taking the advice above, they should be in prime position to bet successfully on the NFL and on football in general. The latter is discussed in this extensive written peace about football. Take a look.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
I almost miss no NFL match and that´s the reason why I was able to create such comprehensive article., which prepares you with everything important information you need to be successful.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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