NBA betting – Lines, predictions and trends

Basketball is one of my favorite sports and betting on the NBA is extremely popular, thanks to the presence of the best basketball players in the world all competing on the same stage for championship glory and with so many different ways to bet on the NBA online, the action is virtually unending. In this guide to betting on the NBA online, find out just what those options are and what strategies bettors use to beat the odds when betting on the National Basketball Association. In detail, you will see various, proven NBA betting strategies and you will read about important events, you should know if you are serious about NBA betting. Last but not least, you will get interesting background information and see various promotions.

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What options are there?

NBA bettors have a huge selection of odds and betting markets to choose from. They start with single-game betting action, with spread betting, moneyline betting, and totals betting being the most common options to choose from. There are also prop bets to wager on during games, which ask bettors to determine how a team or player will perform in specific statistical categories.

The Leo Vegas Sports Website

Leo Vegas Sports offers a variety of NBA betting options

Then there are bets that are a little more forward-thinking, thanks to futures betting. These wagers have bettors predict what is going to happen throughout the course of a season, with playoff outcomes, NBA Finals outcomes, and postseason awards like the MVP award all able to bet wagered on at most sports betting sites.

Live betting is also an option at most wagering sites, as bettors have the ability to wager on games as they are progress. These options together make it so that bettors don’t even need to be around for the start of a game to get their bets in, with plenty of chances to find value all over the board depending on the markets that are offered.

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Interesting to know
Every year the best player receives the MVP award. But only five foreigners were able to win it: Olajuwon, Duncan, Nash, Nowitzki and Antetokounmpo have put their names on the trophy.

How does wagering against the spread work?

Betting on the NBA against the spread makes for a great test for a handicapper, as bettors have to figure out which side they are going to back in a single game with a handicap applied. The handicap is applied differently depending on whether you are backing the favorite or the underdog. Backers of the favorite have points deducted from their total at the end of a game, while underdog pickers have points added to their point total.

Making NBA spread betting predictions can be difficult, but any bettor can become an expert if they know what to look for. One of the biggest things that bettors should look for when wagering on NBA spreads is statistics that might give one side an advantage over another. These typically come in the form of shooting efficiency, rebounding edges, and individual matchups.

Of course, there is no unilateral way to win every spread wager, as there is variance that goes into spread betting. This is especially true in the NBA, where the high number of possessions that both teams get can impact spreads positively or negatively. Teams that are far behind in a game have plenty of chances to make up their deficits, whereas teams that are in front in a game can either extend their lead with future possessions or relinquish their lead if they fail to get stops and continue putting up points.

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How does line wagering work?

Betting on the moneyline in NBA games sounds like it is easier than betting on spread markets, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Moneyline bets ask bettors to predict who will win a given game, with bettors having to navigate lines that are more heavily weighted in each direction. The favorite requires bettors to risk more money to earn their desired payout, while betting the same amount on the moneyline underdog would yield a higher payout.

The odds in moneyline bets vary depending on the level of competition that both teams find themselves on heading into that game. If both teams are perceived to be level on talent and form coming into a game, the moneyline will be relatively close between the two squads and in games where one team is thought to be far superior than the other, the moneyline odds will be more heavily skewed. To give you an idea about the odds, please take a look at the next table.

Golden State Warriorsvs.Los Angeles Lakers

Choosing what teams to back on the moneyline requires systems that can look beyond stats and wins and losses. That is because the key to winning moneyline wagers is finding value more than anything else. Value betting on moneylines allows bettors to find spots where the favorite might not be heavily favored enough or an underdog might be paying out too much, to where a bettor could get a bigger profit than they would if the lines were where they should have been.

How do in play wagers work?

Live betting has become one of the most popular forms of wagering, and that is no exception when it comes to betting on the NBA. NBA live betting features odds that are updated as things happen throughout a game. Each made shot, missed shot, turnover, and timeout prompt adjustments to the betting lines and the following table gives you an idea how the odds could look like. The odds consider the result at end of quarter 4 of the game Instituto Atlético Central Córdoba vs. San Lorenzo De Almagro.

Winning odds for Instituto Atlético Central CórdobaOdds for a drawWinning odds for San Lorenzo De Almagro

Making live betting picks in the NBA is a great opportunity for bettors who can spot value by looking at the live stats during a game, as well as bettors who are not afraid to go against what has already happened in a contest to that point. Bettors can often find lines that are more favorable to them than pregame markets if they look carefully enough.

What are effecitve strategies?

A basketball goes through the rimThere is no one strategy or system that will help a bettor be successful in betting on the NBA, but there are several philosophies that bettors can use to increase their win percentages. One such strategy is to go against what the public consensus is on specific games. There are often trends that can undo the logic of the betting public, and picking those spots is a solid betting strategy. Another winning strategy is to use as much information as possible to make the best possible decisions.

Doing a thorough preview of each game is a great way to get information on each game, such as which ref assignments a game has and how teams can benefit from those assignments. Injuries and player rest is also worth looking at here. And bettors should feel free to look at basketball betting tips before each game to get a second opinion on each game as well.

What are the most popular events?

The most popular events in the NBA happen during the playoffs, where the top 16 teams in the league do battle in hopes of earning a championship. These games are so popular because they feature the best of the best, and as a result define the legacies of the players involved in them. The intensity generated from the NBA postseason is difficult to match in the rest of the world of sports.

In addition to the playoffs, the NBA All-Star weekend festivities are wildly popular. This weekend features the best young players in the league in the Rising Stars game, the slam dunk contest, three-point shooting contest, and the All-Star Game itself. These events put some of the best players in the league on the same court as competitors and teammates, which showcases all of the league’s elite talent in a more fun light than usual.

NBA playoffs betting

After a long season with over 60 games, the playoffs start. That means punters show their eagerness towards NBA playoffs betting that consistes of totals moneylines and special bets, such as who will win the eastern conference.

NBA finals betting

When it comes to basketball betting it doesn`t get better than NBA finals betting. The season comes to an end and eventually we will know who is the best basketball team on the planet.

Short conclusion

There are countless sites that offer NBA betting, and the common theme throughout them is that there are tons of choices as far as what to bet on is concerned. This is a product of all of the high level competition that exists in the NBA, as well as the inventive betting markets that different sportsbooks can provide. As long as bettors look intently into each game, they should be able to place solid NBA bets and overcome the odds no matter what markets they wager on. Of course, there are more basketball betting options and they are discussed in my voluminous article.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
Ever since the late 90`s watching NBA matches belong to my favorite activities and this article reflects my best NBA betting tips and strategies.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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