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Sports betting is great, but sports betting for free is even better and bettors can give themselves the opportunity to bet for free by claiming free bets at the online sportsbooks that offer them. These free bets can be used in a number of different ways, with bettors having the chance to reap the benefits and build their bankroll without having to risk anything of their own. In this guide to online free bets, sports bettors in Canada can find out how to claim free bets of their own and what to expect when doing so. Therefore, some reliable sports betting sites will be presented that in one way or the other provide free bets. You will also read about useful strategies and relevant advantages and disadvantages of free bets. But before that I will show you a table with sportsbooks that offer free bets from time to time.

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How can I claim them?

Claiming free bets is usually something that is straight forward, but can vary depending on what bookmakers you choose to use. The best bookmakers don’t make this process overly complicated, but the mechanics of claiming free bets can vary based on factors such as whether you are a new customer or if you are using an offer meant for existing customers and whether or not you need to make a deposit to claim your free bet.

For new sportsbook customers, the free bet is often used as a part of a site’s sign up bonus. Rather than giving bettors a percentage of their deposit as a bonus, some sites will instead choose to give out a bonus in the form of a free bet or multiple free bets. This decision makes it easy for bettors to make an initial wager, without having to worry about spending any of their own money off of the top.

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When it comes to free bets where a deposit is required, claiming that free bet often requires the player to follow a specific series of steps to get there. The bettor has to sign up for the site where the free bet is being offered before they can do anything else. From there, they can make their first deposit by choosing the payment method of their choice. During that process, they may have to enter a promo code or select the free bet bonus that they want to be awarded. This portion varies based on which site is being utilized. From there, the free bet should be credited to the player’s account.

For free bets where there is no deposit required, bettors can simply create an account at the site of their choice and opt into the free bet. This is usually a much easier process than is taking advantage of a free bet that requires a deposit. Although, depending on the amount of the free bet and the parameters surrounding it, it might not be a bad idea to make a deposit at these sportsbooks anyway to have a more robust bankroll.

No matter what type of free bet is used, making sure you know exactly how to claim it is important. This is why it is never a bad idea to take a look at the rules section of a site or the terms and conditions section. These areas will help bettors figure out exactly what they should expect and what they need to do to make sure that they can claim their free bet and get all of its benefits. They will also give bettors the best possible understanding of the site they are using, which can be beneficial for more than just the free bet they are after initially.

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What types are there?

Many dollar bilsThe types of free bets that are available to sports bettors are plentiful, as they can help bettors build up their bankroll without the bettor having to put their initial funds into any events from the start. Now that you know how to get free bets, going over the different types of free bets can help you recognize when an opportunity to obtain a free bet is there and what you can do to make the most of it. One type of free bet is known as matched betting. This is when a sportsbook will agree to award a bettor with a free bet that matches one that they make on their site.

This type of free bet usually applies to a bettor’s first wager on a site as a way to entice them to continue betting whether their first bet is successful or not. In a way, this type of free bet is not exactly free, as a bettor has to make a wager using their own funds before they are able to take advantage of it. But what does free bets mean? It means getting a complimentary wager, and that is what is being offered here, thus a matched bet does qualify.

The biggest key to matched betting is making sure that the amount of the matched bet is sufficient for your betting needs. Sites will mention matched betting, and will agree to match a bet up to a certain amount. But if you are someone who prefers to bet more than that amount, and won’t be fully reimbursed for the bet, you might not be getting the most value out of that matched bet. Online betting is all about having your individual needs met, and this is no exception.

As mentioned previously, no deposit free bets are also becoming popular. These free bets allow bettors the chance to try a site out in a live environment before they put any money into the sites. These are usually lower stakes free bets, and it would take some doing to turn them into a respectable bankroll without some kind of deposit being made after the fact. But a freeroll at a sportsbook is never a bad thing, and these free bets certainly make a good first impression on bettors.

Then there are free bets that do require a deposit as a part of a site’s welcome bonus. There is usually a minimum deposit amount that will be matched in the form of a free bet, along with a maximum amount of free bets that will be awarded. These free bets are sometimes awarded all at once in the form of one free bet, or awarded in the form of multiple smaller free bets. These are likely the most common forms of free bets, although there are plenty of sites who award free bets to existing customers promotionally as well.

Promotional free bets usually tie in some type of marquee sporting event like the NFL playoffs or a big soccer tournament like the World Cup. They are meant to heighten the excitement of those events, most often by allowing bettors to place a bet of their own using their own bankroll, then to have that bet matched in the form of a free bet. These aren’t as common as the other types of free bets mentioned here, but some sites use them often to help players enjoy big tournaments as much as possible.

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The pros and cons

One of the biggest positives of using free bets is the fact that bettors can win money without having to risk their own right away. While some bettors would rather go right at their bookie with their own money, having the chance to win some money of your own without having to risk any money of your own is a great thing to most bettors.

Also, free bets are a great tool to compare the different sites that are out there, with that comparison helping determine which site a bettor can use going forward. It can be hard to figure out which sports betting sites are best, with some context often being needed in the form of hands on experience. With the use of free bets, that hands on experience can be attained without having to use personal funds. As mentioned previously, some sites will offer that hands on experience without having to even make a deposit thanks to the availability of no deposit free bets.

Another positive about free bets is the fact that bettors can find out everything they need to know about the free bets offered by each site right on those sites themselves. Each site is required to list the terms and conditions of the offers they are extending to players, including their free bets. This makes it easy to find out everything about the free bets, such as what sports are included, what limits are in place, and if there are any wagering requirements associated with the free bets after they have taken place. Some bettors might not want to do the extra reading required to develop an in-depth knowledge of these bets, but it is certainly worth it to do so.

  • Win money without risking it
  • Tool to test the site
  • Transparent terms and conditions
  • Often for recreational bettors
  • Small wager limits
  • Parlays often aren´t possible

If there is a negative to be said about free bets, it is the fact that they are geared toward recreational bettors most of the time. This is done both in terms of the amount being wagered and the limits that more professional bettors have placed on them by betting sites. Most of the time, arbitrage betting accounts are barred from taking part in these offers, with free arb bets being a rarity in the industry. Of course, bettors should still take a look at the terms and conditions on the site of their choice to see if these sharp bettors are allowed to take part in the free betting action.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to free bets. There are different types of free bets out there, as well different methods of claiming those bets and what bettors are able to use them on. It might seem like a lot to keep track of, but bettors can always consult the terms and conditions of the sites they use to get a better understanding of what is available to them. As long as bettors stick to what they have learned in this guide, they should have no problem using free bets to their advantage.

What are my options?

The nice thing about free bet offers is that most betting sites don’t restrict what sports they can be used on. If a bettor wants to use their free bets on the NBA, baseball events such as MLB, tennis, horse racing, or other sports, most bookies will allow that without any issues. As a result, websites that offer free bets can end up letting bettors try to bet on new sports and expand their sports betting horizons.

When you think about it, it makes sense that free bets aren’t restricted to certain sports in most cases. Bettors, in a lot of instances, don’t want to try something new with their own bankrolls given the investment-like nature of sports betting. But if they are able to try something new using funds from the sportsbook itself, that is much more likely to play well with sports bettors.

It would make sense for bettors to place their free bets on the sports that they have the best knowledge of from a betting perspective. That way, bettors have the best chance possible to reel in some type of profit on their free bet, which they can then use as they please throughout the rest of their sports betting.

The exception to this, of course, is the free bet that is tied promotionally to a specific sporting event. Those free bets often do have to be used on the events that they are for. There is nothing wrong with this approach either, as the whole goal of the free bet is to reward players who are excited about that specific event.

Of course, bettors should not assume that the free bet that they want to use falls into the restricted or unrestricted category. Each site will list the restrictions for free bets on their website if there are any, which will include the sports that the free bet can and cannot be used for. Looking this information up before making any deposits or other decisions is smart, to make sure that you can use your free bets on the things you want to use them on most.

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The summary

Of course, bettors should not assume that the free bet that they want to use falls into the restricted or unrestricted category. Each site will list the restrictions for free bets on their website if there are any, which will include the sports that the free bet can and cannot be used for. Looking this information up before making any deposits or other decisions is smart, to make sure that you can use your free bets on the things you want to use them on most. Also, for more relevant information visit the first page. There I covered more important sports betting aspects.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
If you are not sure about a bookmaker, a free bet can help you to get a better impression. Eventually you can benefit from a great offer, so make sure you don´t ignore these free bets.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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