Baseball betting – lines, systems and strategy

Betting on baseball is one of the great pastimes related to America’s pastime, from MLB betting to NCAA baseball betting and beyond. Sports bettors are still devoted to baseball, with money coming in on the Major League teams from Canada as well as the United States. And with the ability to bet on baseball online, there is no shortage of action to be had in this game. I created this guide to online baseball betting, find out everything you need to know about baseball betting, including what kinds of bets are out there and how to give yourself the best chance to win at them. But that´s not everything you can expect. You will also read more about betting strategies and get the chance to claim a great promotion. However, this article starts with a table that shows sportsbooks with many baseball betting options.

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How does baseball point spread betting work?

A glove, a baseball and dollar billsPoint spread betting in baseball is referred to as run line betting by those who are heavily involved with betting on the sport. What is run line baseball betting? It is the act of placing a bet on one team or the other to win a game after a handicap is applied to that team’s total number of runs scored for the game. That handicap is generally set at 1.5 runs, and how the handicap is applied depends on which team a bettor is backing. If a bettor is backing the favorite in a game, they typically end up having the run line subtracted from their total after a game.

Meanwhile, if a bettor is backing the underdog, those runs are added to their team’s total when a game is over. The 1.5 run line is somewhat tricky, given that so many baseball games are close at the end. And with bullpens being as good as they are in today’s game, it’s also possible that a team doesn’t let their opponent get within arms reach to cover that 1.5 run number.

No matter what happens, bettors should be sure to see how a team performs against the run line each game to help project what kind of performances they will have against the spread later in the season.

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Of course, Baseball is quite popular in North America, but it´s popularity grows worldwide. That means for you that you can benefit from international bets and almost can place your bets around the clock.

What to know about props?

Baseball prop betting is one of the most fun ways to bet on baseball, as bettors can go much deeper into the game than simply figuring out which team is going to win and which team is going to lose. Prop bets offer odds on different small facets of the game, such as whether or not a player is going to hit a home run in a game or whether or not a player is going to steal a base successfully.

What is great about prop betting in baseball is that it tends to reward an intimate knowledge of teams, individual players, and how those players match up with their opponents on a given night. For example, if a player has a great track record hitting against a specific pitcher, with several home runs and a high batting average to their name against that pitcher, it’s more likely that they would hit a home run in that game. Knowing that information would make betting yes on an individual home run prop a great value play.

There are also team-related props and game-related on the board at most sites, which can ask anything from how many home runs a team will hit in a game to whether or not the game will go to extra innings.

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How to bet on baseball parlays

Parlay bets are one of the most potentially lucrative forms of baseball betting, as they ask bettors to place multiple bets within the same ticket. Doing so multiplies a bettor’s potential payout if every bet within the parlay were to be a winner and here are some examples using the game Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Mets.

Match Winner and Total Runs 9.5OddsHandicap Home Team -1.5 and Total Runs 9.5Odds
Home Team over and Under+240Home Team over and Under+380
Home Team and Under+210Home Team and Under+340
Away Team and Over+335Away Team and Over+215
Away Team and Under+295Away Team and Under+188

But bettors should keep a few things in mind when they go to place parlays. The most important tips about parlays are reminders that parlays aren’t usually the best value bets. While the payoffs can be enormous if enough bets are stacked within the ticket, those big payoffs are usually accompanied by a low win probability.

After all, it can be difficult to win a one team bet when betting on baseball, let alone a bet where five teams need to win with no margin for error. Even the best baseball betting systems lose single bets sometimes, and with parlays there is no room to do so.

Information about over and unders

Baseball predictions centered around totals can be lucrative thanks to the over under betting markets that exist. Bettors have the opportunity to wager on whether they think the total number of runs scored in a game will fall over or under a predetermined total, with plenty of factors going into whether or not the game will reach the total listed before it starts.

Pitching matchups are one of the biggest indicators of how a totals bet will play out. Some pitchers are simply better than others, which lends itself to more runs being scored or fewer runs being scored depending on the skill level and form of the pitchers on a given day.

If two ace pitchers are on the mound to start a game, bettors are more likely to hit the under than they would be if two starters from the back end of their rotations were scheduled to pitch. Just as important as who is pitching for each team is how well the hitters on the opposite sides have performed against those pitchers.

What are innings?

Baseball inning bets ask bettors to decide which team is going to outperform the other in a given inning or a set of innings. Single inning bets are usually more commonly available in the live betting arena, where bettors can choose which team will outscore the other in an inning. They can also place bets on the total number of runs scored in a single inning. Here is an example:

 Pittsburgh Piratesvs.Milwaukee Brewers
Odds for first inning+100-121

More common than single inning bets is the presence of betting on the first five innings of a game. Before the bullpens get too heavily involved in a game, this market asks how the game will go after the first half of it is complete.

What are some popular strategies?

Baseball betting strategy requires bettors to develop a system, using trends from each team to come up with the best possible wagers. But the most popular betting strategy in baseball is to use knowledge of pitching matchups to a bettor’s advantage, often performed when it comes to MLB betting. With so many teams, and only a few legitimate title contenders each year, bettors can find a pitching mismatch on most days. Utilizing those mismatches to create value is the best strategy that a bettor can employ.

What are the biggest events?

The biggest baseball betting events are the World Series and the rest of the Major League Baseball postseason. This tournament pits the top 10 teams in the league against each other in series of increasing length, culminating in the best of seven League Championship Series rounds and the World Series every October. There aren’t many international competitions worth paying attention to in baseball, with the occasional World Baseball Classic not moving the needle as well as club competition.

Short summary

Betting on baseball is immensely popular, given how many games there are to bet on each year during the long season. Bettors can use that long season to find diamonds in the rough with their betting picks, as there is no shortage of good bets to be made. If a baseball bettor can develop a strategy that works for them, there is profitable action to be found throughout the sport. By the way, there are many more sports and betting possibilities, which I have discussed on the following page.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
Baseball is a huge part of the American culture, also baseball betting is becoming more and more popular. If you want to benefit from it, you have just read a great article that serves as a starting point.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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