MLB Playoff betting odds & tipps

Every year in late September or early October, Major League Baseball enters the playoffs, and four teams from both the American and National leagues compete to reach the World Series. The Fall Classic is one of the oldest championships in professional sports in North America, and it is highly contested every year. MLB playoff betting is one of the most popular events for online sportsbooks and sports bettors alike, as there are fewer games than on a traditional day and, therefore, more focus on these elite teams. Odds are often tighter, as a result, and finding edges are as well. Let’s take a closer look at MLB playoff betting and several sites that offer these options.

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MLB handicap betting is called the run line

This image shows a baseball and two remote controllersBetting against the spread with a handicap line is very common in football. While moneyline bets are more common in baseball, there is a way to bet on a handicap line as well. It’s called the run line in baseball, and it works very similarly to how a puck line in hockey works. For every game, online sportsbooks will set a favorite and an underdog. The favorite will then have a run line set, much like an against-the-spread line in football, that they must win by in order for wagers on them to be successful. For example, Atlanta may be favored over Toronto by 1.5 runs.

That means that in order for wagers on Atlanta to be successful, the Braves would have to win by at least 2 runs. On the other hand, for wagers on Toronto to be successful, the Blue Jays would only have to lose by 1 or fewer runs.

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Interesting to know
Several teams can qualify for the playoffs via a “Wild Card”. However often those teams do not win the league eventually.

An alternate way to predict – propositions

The MLB playoffs are a great time for alternate bets called proposition, or prop, bets. These sportsbook offerings are focused more on specific things that happen in the game, rather than the outcome of the game or the final score. Prop bets are very easy to bet on and track in the MLB playoffs, since the game moves a little slower than other sports, and it’s easy to follow everything that’s happening.

One example of a prop bet in the MLB playoffs would be the total number of strikeouts that a specific pitcher will throw in a game. In last year’s World Series, you could have bet over or under on the number of strikeouts Gerrit Cole would throw in a game for the Houston Astros versus the Washington Nationals. Other prop bets for the MLB playoffs could be whether a team will hit a home run in the game, which team will score first and how many total walks will be issued by both teams in the entire game.

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Focus on the future

Another very popular way to be on the MLB playoffs is through futures bets. These wagers will try to predict the outcome of events that will happen in the future. Online sportsbooks will offer future bets on things such as which team will win the AL/NL pennant, which team will win the World Series, and which player will win the World Series MVP Award.

For all of these futures bets, the sportsbooks will set odds on every team/player involved in the MLB Playoffs. The favorites will have the shorter odds, while the underdogs will have the longer odds. For example, the Astros may be favored to win the World Series and have odds of +125 to do so. Toronto may be the longest underdog and have odds of +750. This means a successful $100 wager on the Astros would net $125, while a successful $100 wager on Toronto would net $750.

The third wagering option

In addition to the run line and moneyline betting (more to come on that), there are over/under bets offered. In this type of wager, it doesn’t matter who wins the game. Instead, all you’ll be focused on is the total number of runs the two teams score in the game combined. Online sportsbooks will set an over/under line for each game in the MLB playoffs. Bettors will then have a chance to wager on whether they think there will be more runs scored than that line or fewer runs scored.

For example, the online sportsbooks may set an over/under line in a World Series game at 9.5. This means that in order for wagers on the over to be successful, the two teams would have to score a combined 10 runs or more in the game. Conversely, a wager on the under would be successful only if the two teams scored 9 or fewer combined runs in the game.

Some online sportsbooks will offer over/under lines for half of the game as well. For instance, they may offer a total run line for the first 4.5 innings of the game, as well as the second 4.5 innings.

Simply pick the winner

Baseball games can be unpredictable when it comes to runs scored, especially in the MLB playoffs. If a team has a big lead near the end of the game, they may surrender runs in order to record an out. This might not affect the outcome of the game, but it could affect how many runs they win by and, as a result, the outcome of run line bets.

If you don’t want to worry about how many runs each team scores and would rather just pick the outright winner, then you should look to moneyline betting. For each game, the online sportsbooks will set a favorite and underdog, and then set odds for each to win the game. All you have to do is pick the correct winner of the game, no matter what the score is.

For example, Atlanta may be -140, while Toronto is +150 for the game. This means that in order to win $100 on Atlanta, you’d have to wager $140. On the other hand, a $100 wager on Toronto would net you $150 if they won.

Short summary

The baseball action heats up in the MLB playoffs just as the weather starts to cool off a bit. The MLB playoffs are an extremely exciting time in sports, at least to me, and it makes for a great stage to get in on the betting action. There are plenty of wagering options for sports bettors on the MLB playoffs, so figure out what type of bettor you want to be, and start doing your research.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
There are plenty of MLB betting options and with my tipps you can make the most of them.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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