Basketball betting and how to benefit from it

Basketball betting is one of the more popular forms of sports betting for a couple of reasons. The first is that the sport of basketball is beloved by many people around the world. The second reason is that there are just so many different games to choose from. No matter in which country you are, you can almost be sure that you will some basketball courts. Bettors have so many options when they go to bet on basketball, and my guide to online basketball betting will break down some of those options and give some insight into how to win those wagers. You will also read more about important events you should look out for as well as information about betting strategies and attractive promotions. But in the beginning you will see my selection of interesting sportsbooks that offer a great variety of different betting options.

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What basketball betting options are there?

A basketball goes through the rimIt isn’t too far fetched to suggest that basketball betting features more betting options than any other sport. The reason for this is the fact that the main competitions in the world have so many different teams in them that there are hundreds of games going on each week. Most of these games come from college basketball, due to the presence of over 300 teams at the top level of the collegiate game. But the NBA is the most popular betting option due to the incredibly high level of play found in the top pro league in the world. In terms of what there is to bet on, basketball bettors can take on an array of betting markets that include against the spread wagering, moneyline bets and countless other forms of betting.

With so many teams and leagues to bet on in the world of basketball, and so many different betting markets within all of those leagues, there is no shortage of material to bet on for basketball enthusiasts.

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Interesting to know
Basketball was invented in 1891 and since then it has become a global sport. Today it is extremely popular in America, China and Southern Europe. There are also different variations of the game, for example Beach Basketball or Unicycle Basketball or Wheelchair Basketball.

Why against the spread is so popular

Betting on basketball against the spread is one of the best tests of sports handicapping, due to the amount of possessions that take place in a game of basketball. The high number of possessions can expand a team’s margin for error against the spread, as the extra chances to score compared to other sports don’t make it quite as painful giving up a bucket or failing to score on a trip down the floor. This, of course, applies to both the team a bettor is backing and their opponent.

Spread betting in basketball requires bettors to make predictions based on who will win the game after a score handicap is applied to both sides. The key to remember here is that points will be taken away from the favorite in this scenario or they will be added to the total of the underdog. The goal is to have the higher score at the end of the game after that handicap is applied, which can be tricky.

NBA and NCAA basketball public betting tends to favor the favorites in these scenarios, due to the fact that many bettors assume that the favorite is better and therefore should cover the spread the majority of the time. But that is not necessarily the case, and could trip bettors up if they do not do a proper job of analyzing the games they are wagering on.

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Information about the moneyline

Basketball moneylines are asking bettors a very simple question: which team is going to win a given basketball game? These lines look different than spreads or totals, as bettors will have to navigate odds that don’t feature a handicap to even them out.

Instead, the odds are set based on how close a game is thought to be going into it. If a game is projected to be a blowout, for example, backing the favorite would cost more than it would in a game that was expected to come down to the wire. A good example is the match between Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers, just look at the following table.

Golden State Warriorsvs.Los Angeles Lakers

Conversely, underdogs don’t require bettors to wager as much to win the same amount, which could make them a good value in specific situations. Whenever placing a moneyline bet, bettors should look for spots where the line presents a good value, either through a favorite not being heavily favored enough or an underdog paying out more than they should be.

How to benefit from live events?

Live betting picks in the NBA are exciting, as the odds for each game change on a live betting platform as different things happen within the game. Picks in the live betting setting are all about finding value, which can be done in a number of different ways. And as long as bettors look for value and avoid reckless live betting, they should be able to have success even after a game has tipped off.

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888 Sport povides many great live betting possibilities including international Basketball events

Among the betting markets that have their odds updated throughout a game are spreads, totals, and moneylines. More exotic markets are also available in basketball live betting, such as questions like which team will be the first to score 10 points in a quarter? These extra markets make betting on basketball even more fun, which is great for those who want to get more involved.

What are some good strategies?

Strategy is the life blood of betting on basketball, as failing to use proper techniques can lower a bettor’s odds of having success and turning a profit. There are many strategies people use when betting on basketball, with no strategy necessarily being right or wrong. The ultimate goal is to find a strategy that works for you and your betting style individually.

Perhaps the most important tips that bettors can receive regarding strategy surround the use of data and analytics when placing wagers. Basketball is a game where trends and statistics are palpable on the court, thanks to the fact that there are so few players on the court at one time and they all have to work together. If one player is struggling to shoot from a certain area on the court, it is likely that the other team is aware of that and looking to exploit that fact. Therefore, using as much data as possible can help a bettor know those sorts of tidbits before a game starts, increasing the chances of winning bets.

Also, bettors should be advised that going against the public is a decent way to make money. This is true more for live betting than it is for pre-game betting, as live betting odds can sometimes overreact to what is happening on the court. Bettors who approach live betting markets with a level head and understanding that teams take turns making runs in basketball will put themselves at an advantage with their betting.

What are the most popular events?

The most popular events in basketball are some of the most popular events in the entire world of sports, as basketball is becoming almost universally popular. For basketball bettors, the Olympics, the NBA Finals, and March Madness are the three events that should be circled on a bettor’s basketball calendar and the starting and event dates of two of those three are presented now.

EventStarting dateEnd date
Summer Olympics 2020July 25, 2020Augustus 09, 2020
NCAA Tournament (March Madness)March 17, 2020April 06, 2020

Olympic basketball rolls around once every four years, with the qualifying countries sending their best players for a chance to win gold. The United States often dominates this competition, and is a huge favorite in most years as a result. The NBA Finals is often a less predictable competition, as the final two teams left standing in the NBA Playoffs play a final best of seven series to determine a league champion. And March Madness is the 68-team college basketball tournament held at the end of each season to crown a collegiate champion.

All of these events feature different approaches to the game, and shouldn’t be bet the same way, something that bettors will learn when getting a feel for each one. Overall, basketball betting is exciting and allows bettors the opportunity to get closer to one of the world’s favorite sports. And with action to be had before and during the hundreds of games going on each week during basketball season, there is no shortage of fun to be had betting on the hardwood action.

NBA betting options

NBA betting is probably the one thing that comes to mind if you think about basketball betting in general. That`s no surprise and also quite usual, since the National Basketball Association ist he league with the best players on the planet.

Short summary

Overall, basketball betting is exciting and allows bettors the opportunity to get closer to one of the world’s favorite sports and with action before and during the hundreds of games going on each week during basketball season, there is no shortage of fun to be had betting on the hardwood action. But of course there are more sports to bet on and they I have discussed them on the first page of

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
Basketball betting can be fun and entertaining, especially if you use our tips.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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