NBA betting playoffs – Learn to wager successful

Betting NBA playoffs action is incredibly exciting, as it puts bettors into the action the same way that the players who are competing for the championship are in on the action. And with so many different betting options to choose from during the playoffs, postseason betting is often even more fun than betting on the regular season is. In this guide to betting on the NBA Playoffs, find out what kinds of betting options are out there during the postseason and what to think about to make the best possible decisions during the playoffs. Also, you will see my selection of interesting sportsbooks, where you can place several NBA wagers.

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What kind of wagers are there?

NBA betting during the playoffs is great, because there are more options to pick from than there are during the regular season. A great example of this are some of the series-specific markets that pop up over the course of each round of the playoffs. Included in that list are bets on which team will win the series, as well as how many games the series will take to reach its conclusion. The odds for these markets can fluctuate greatly depending on the results of each game.

There are also the standard single-game bets that can be made for each playoff game. Moneyline or line bets simply ask which team will win each game during the postseason. Spread bets challenge bettors to predict who is going to win each game with a handicap applied to the score of either team. And total wagers require bettors to predict whether the final score of a playoff game will finish above or below a point total that is set by the bookmaker before the start of the game.

The available Betway sports

Betway Sports offers many NBA playoff betting options

These traditional single-game markets are also made available in a live betting setting, where players can wager on them as the games are already in progress in most cases. During these live betting sessions, players have the opportunity to wager on these markets with odds that are updated throughout the game, with spreads and totals being updated to reflect what has happened in the game already and what is expected to happen during the remainder of a contest.

Another area where the playoffs feature unique betting markets is through the futures betting that can be accessed throughout the postseason. Bettors are able to wager on futures markets such as which team will win the NBA Finals, which team will win each conference, and even more intricate markets such as who will win the Finals MVP award as the most outstanding players of the championship series.

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Interesting to know
In 1995 Reggie Miller couldn`t stand the thought of not winning and scored remarkable 8 points in 18 seconds, against the New York Knicks.

What to look out for?

NBA betting tips are in demand throughout the season, but never more than during the NBA Playoffs. With so many more eyeballs on the basketball action during the postseason, it is no surprise that more people want to take a look at picks when the stakes are the highest. There are a few things that NBA bettors should keep an eye on when looking for NBA betting tips, though, that can help them achieve as much success as possible for their actual wagers.

The first thing that players should look at when finding NBA betting tips is the track record of the people providing them. Sports betting is all about having prolonged success over a large sample size, as that is the way to achieve profitability in the long run. If a tipster is unable to provide documented success over a large sample size, they are not someone that you should trust to provide you with winners in the NBA Playoffs.

That sample size designation is an important one, as it is something that many people lose sight of when looking for picks. Anyone can win 10 straight games, just like anyone can lose 10 straight games. But those streaks usually fall into an average when it comes to someone’s overall track record. While some tipsters will attempt to point you to a run of positive results during a small sample size, it’s important to remember to look at the bigger picture to get a better idea of what you are dealing with.

In general, transparency is an incredibly important component for NBA bettors to look for when they are trying to find someone to provide them with NBA picks. Both winning and losing are a part of NBA betting, with even the best handicappers in the world aiming to win 55-60% of their selections. But losing streaks do happen, and putting your trust in someone who doesn’t try to hide from them makes it more likely that you are going to be getting your picks from a straight shooter.

At the end of the day, your bets are your responsibility. So you should make sure to put your trust in yourself above everything else. Make sure to do your own research no matter what, and if you happen to find someone whose analysis can reinforce your own or challenge the decisions you are making, that is fine too.

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What are typical odds?

NBA Playoffs action features betting odds that can shift wildly depending on the action that takes place on the court. With the swings in momentum that can take place in a series after the results of each game are revealed, it makes sense that the odds would fluctuate with those changes. But there are a few things to look for in the odds that can help make navigating them just a little bit easier when it’s time to place a bet.

For the most part, betting odds for spreads and totals will remain the same from game to game. But the betting lines for those markets will change depending on what happens on the floor. If a team blows their opponent out in the first game of a series, for example, the spread may be greater in the second game. And if there is a very high scoring opening game, the next game might see a higher total. But the odds for those markets should still around the same. There are also interesting future odds, just look at this table.

TeamEastern Conference Winner 2019/2020
Milwaukee Bucks-139
Philadelphia 76ers+150
Boston Celtics+1200
Indiana Pacers+1600
Brooklyn Nets+2500

Where you should see greater fluctuations in odds are things like the moneyline for each game. If a team wins convincingly in the first game of a series, the moneyline odds for the next game often flows more heavily in the winner’s favor. It’s an interesting situation when that happens, as teams are more than capable of making adjustments to make a comeback in the second game that could render that swing in odds meaningless to those backing the first game winner.

Short summary

Adjustments in each series are incredibly important, especially as they pertain to the odds in each game of the series or the odds to win the series. If a team can find advantages in their matchup with their opponents at some point in a series, they can then take advantage of what they have found in order to get mismatches and make possessions easier for them.

Finding spots where that might happen is often more important than looking at the results of each basketball game of the National Basketball Association. You don’t necessarily have to watch game film to find where these mismatches may be exposed, but my advice is to listen carefully to commentary and paying close attention to each possession could expose some of these edges.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
There are plenty of bookmakers that provide NBA playoff betting options and a list with interesting bookmakers has been shown here.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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