Curling betting options explained

Curling may not be a well-known sport worldwide, but it is among the most popular sports in all of Canada. It’s no surprise, then, that the Canadian teams are the ones that seem to dominate the sport at the major international competitions such as the Winter Olympics. Over the years, as curling has become a little more well-known, betting on curling has begun to pick up. Today, there are plenty of markets and wagers available for curling betting, as well as plenty of sites that offer odds on the sport. Let’s take a closer look at the details and get prepared for your curling betting experience. Before that however, I show you a list with several great bookmakers perfectly suited for your wagers.

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Why outright markets are so popular

Curling is like a lot of other sports. There are major events that happen throughout the year for the top-flight teams, and special events such as the Winter Olympics that happen every four years. Like other sports that take place at events instead of a season – such as tennis – curling teams face off against each other mostly in a round robin style matchup and then advance to elimination stages.

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Because of the format of most curling competitions, one of the most common bet types are outright betting markets, where you will choose the winning team before the competition even begins. In this type of bet, you will be selecting your team and accepting their odds before any action at the event happens. The outright market comes with risks, as injuries throughout the competition could affect the outcome. At the same time, outright markets provide some of the best odds available in curling betting if you are able to pick the correct winner of the competition before it even starts.

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Interesting to know
There are some countries where curling isn`t popular. Canada certainly does not belong to them. It is almost a national sport and with this guide you will have all the information to bet successful on this great sport.

Head to head markets

Head to head betting in curling is very similar to single-game betting in other sports. In this type of bet, you will simply be choosing which team you think will win in any particular match.

Throughout any competition, teams will face off against each other in head to head matches. Curling betting on these head to head matches will offer odds on which side will win each match. Because there are no ties in curling matches, head to head betting will be two-way. This means you will either select Team A or Team B to win the match.

This head to head betting market will present odds much like moneyline bets on hockey or other sports. One team will be the favorite, and the other the underdog, and the odds on each team in the match will reflect that fact.

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How to use handicap options

To take curling one step further, there is handicap betting on individual matches. This is where oddsmakers will set a line on the match, with the favorite giving points to the underdog in the match. In order for your wager to win successfully, your team will either have to win by more than the line (if you choose the favorite) or lose by less than the line (if you choose the underdog).

The typical line in handicap curling betting is -1.5, just like it is in hockey. This means that the favorite must win the match by more than 1.5 stones. For example, if Canada is favored in a matchup over the United States by 1.5 stones, then Canada will need to win the match by at least 2 stones in order for you to win your bet. Conversely, the United States will need to either win the match outright or lose by 1 stone in order for a wager on them to be successful in this hypothetic handicap betting format.

How you can benefit from total points wagers

This image shows four curling stonesTotal points betting is a fun way to wager on any sport, and curling is no exception. This is, in fact, the final way that most common curling wagers are made. In this type of betting market, you will not be choosing who you think will win a particular match. Instead, all you will be doing is deciding whether you think a match will have more total points or fewer total points than the line that the sportsbooks set. Just like head to head and handicap markets, sportsbooks will generally set a total points line for every curling match of a competition. This line is setting how many total points the sportsbooks believe will be scored in that match.

This total score is the combined total that is scored between both teams, regardless of who emerges victorious. As an example, a match between Canada and the United States may have a total points line set by sportsbooks at 12.5. To place a total points wager on this match, you will be deciding whether you believe there will be more or less than 12.5 points scored in that match. To win a wager on the under, the total points scored will need to be 12 or less. To win a wager on the over, the total points scored will need to be 13 or more.

Therefore, if the final score of the match is Canada 9-USA 7, then the final score would have been over the total points line of 12.5, as the total points scored in the match would have been 16. All wagers placed on the under 12.5 points would have lost, and all wagers placed on the over 12.5 points would have won.

Live betting options in the spotlight

Like many other sports today, the world of gambling on curling matches and competitions is changing rapidly. As the internet is making it easier than ever to watch and follow curling matchups throughout the year – even at lesser-known competitions than the Winter Olympics – it is becoming easier and more popular for people to bet on these competitions.

At the same time, the internet is allowing sportsbooks to provide updated odds for curling matches as the matches are going on, and not just before a tournament and/or match begins. This is where live betting comes in. Sometimes, this type of wager is known as in-game betting as well.

With live betting, the sportsbooks will continuously update odds on a match as the competition progresses. This means that in addition to setting head to head, handicap and total points odds before a match begins, the sportsbooks will continuously update these lines as events in the match happen. For example, after each end completes, the odds for all three main types of odds will update based on what the score is and how the match is going. As each team scores a point, these odds will also update.

Live betting markets most closely resemble the stock market. Prices go up and down throughout the day based on how trading is going for that day. Similarly, depending on how the match is progressing, the odds on various wagers on the curling match will update as well.

It doesn’t matter what the original pre-game odds on the match were; the live betting odds will update based on how the actual match is going. This means that even if Canada were to be a -200 favorite before a match against the United States begins, the U.S. could end up becoming a -300 favorite in live betting if the team were to take a 2-0 lead early in the match.

MatchCanada winning oddsUSA winning odds
Canada - USA-200-300

Let’s take another example. The Canadians are -200 favorites against the United States in a match. They are also -1.5 on the handicap line, and the total points line is set at 12.5. The match then begins, and the United States scores two points in the first end and two points in the second end. With eight ends to go (there are 10 total in a curling match), the U.S. is winning the match 4-0.

As such, the sportsbooks update the live betting odds to the U.S. -115 on the outright market, U.S. -1 on the handicap market and the total points to 14. With live betting, you can now wager on these new odds, with the same end result of the match being the determining factor as to whether your wagers win or lose.

A lot of sports bettors love live betting because they are able to watch a match and get a feel for how it’s progressing before placing a wager. It can be a great opportunity to jump on favorable lines based on how a match is going. In the example above, if you still think Canada will win the match against the U.S., you can get extremely favorable odds placing a live betting wager at Canada +150 compared to the pregame outright market odds of Canada -200.

Curling wagers are taking off

While curling may not garner the same worldwide attention of American football, soccer or hockey, it is one of the most popular sports in all of Canada. In addition, the attention the sport has received at recent Winter Olympics has increased its notoriety in betting markets throughout the world. Just like some of these other popular sports, betting on curling tournaments and matches is intense, and there are plenty of options for sports bettors to take advantage of favorable lines before a tournament, before a match and even during a match with live betting and if you think that curling is allright, but that there are plenty of other sports out there, have a look at the first page of this website.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
It is no surprise that we have a whole article about curling betting. Now it`s your turn to turn that knowledge into Canadian dollars.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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