Cycling betting made easy

Cycling may not be among the most popular sports in the world, but it still attracts an immense amount of attention each year, especially from sports betting enthusiasts. While cycling certainly has a different format than most sports, it’s this different format that makes the odds on cycling so much fun. Let’s take a look at how cycling betting works and what types of bets are available and let us not forget the various bookmakers that offer cycling betting. You see them in my overview below.

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Types of cycling bets

There are a variety of bet types available in cycling. However, exactly what those bets will be depends a lot on the specific event that you’re talking about. For example, the Tour de France may offer certain bets that other non-Grand Tours do not offer.

Generally speaking, though, the main types of cycling bets that you can place are:

  • The race winner — who will win the race overall
  • A top three finish — which three cyclists will finish in first, second and third place
  • Team wagers — In the larger events such as the Tour de France, there will be multiple teams of eight riders competing on the track. This bet will be a wager on which team will finish in first in that part of the event.
  • Young riders — Some sportsbooks offer wagers on which rider under the age of 25 or 23 will finish first in the race.
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Interesting to know
Professional cycling is one of the oldest sports of the world. The first races took place at the beginning of the 20th century and its popularity is still unbroken.

Outright options are there as well

Outright betting will focus on picking a rider or team that will win an entire event. This type of wager is done most of the time at the beginning of an event, before any of the cyclists even begin to race and here is a simple example, It shows the Tour de France outright winning odds for the event 2021.

Egan Bernal+225
Primoz Roglic+550
Tom Dumoulin+550
Chris Froome+600

Sportsbooks will offer odds on who will win the race, and you will select from among the participants and their odds. Lots of bettors prefer outright betting in cycling and other sports because they offer solid odds if you’re able to pick the correct winner. In fact, most of the participants in a cycling event will have plus odds, meaning you will win more than you actually wager if your outright betting wager wins.

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Match betting

Bicycle handlebarMatch betting comes into play depending on the specific cycling event that is under consideration. For example, the Tour de France is one huge Grand Tour made up of 21 separate stages. In an event such as this, there are 21 separate “matches” that you can bet on. These aren’t matches in the traditional sense like a tennis match between two players or a soccer match between two teams. Instead, these stages are like mini tournaments all within themselves. For these stages, there will be bets offered on who will win the particular stage — both for single cyclists and also for teams.

The match betting will give sports bettors the opportunity to make in play bets as well, depending on how the particular stage is going. This is one aspect of match betting that isn’t really available for outright betting, especially in larger events. In play betting can occur for match betting, because each stage can be assessed as the cyclists progress. It’s difficult to do in play betting for outright bets for an event this large.

Handicap wagers discussed

Handicap betting works a little differently in cycling than it does in other sports. That’s because, as mentioned before, there isn’t a single event between two cyclists or two teams. Instead, cycling more closely resembles car racing in that it is mostly an individual sport that takes place among multiple cyclists competing against each other. While there are teams of cyclists, these teams don’t face off against each other in the traditional way, head-to-head matchups. That being said, sportsbooks get creative in how they offer wagers nowadays, and so handicap betting is still alive and well in cycling.

Many sportsbooks will create matchups on their own to offer handicap betting to their sports bettors. This is done by creating wagers such as pitting one cyclist against another and setting odds and a line as to which cyclist is the favorite and which one is the underdog. Bettors can then make a choice between the two, and whichever cyclist finishes in a better place will win the wager. Even though this isn’t how the event itself is laid out and determined, it’s still a way that sports bettors can wager on cycling events.

Tips & strategies

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re betting on cycling is that most events — especially the larger ones — are made up of multiple stages. Each of these stages has a different terrain from the next, meaning what may be advantageous for one cyclist may not be for another, and vice versa. Similarly, the favorite in a race overall may actually perform poorly in one stage of the event because the terrain doesn’t play to his strengths really well.

Some cyclists are really good at sprints on flat courses. Others are really good climbing on the mountaintops. This is one aspect of cycling that makes betting on the sport so exciting. There are so many different wagers to choose from that it won’t be the same one or two cyclists winning all the bets all the time.

Also, don’t forget that while most of the focus on cycling is on individuals that there are teams involved, too. This means that if you don’t fancy betting on individual cyclists, you can go the route of focusing instead on the teams of cyclists in a particular event. As with any sport, you’ll want to check out the most recent performances of all the cyclists to give you an information edge, as well as the injury or ailment status of any of the riders.

The summary

Betting on cycling may not be at the top of all sports bettors’ lists, but it’s a great sport to try to wager on if you haven’t before. I do it very often and find it quite interesting and with so many different angles and so many different wagering options, betting on cycling is one of the most interesting, fascinating and rewarding experiences in the sports betting world.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
There are many cycling events across the globe and the races offer plenty betting opportunities.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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