Tour de France betting guide

The Tour de France is perhaps the most important and well-known cycling event in the entire world. It’s one of three of the Grand Tours in cycling, taking place before the Vuelta a Espana but after the Giro d’Italia. It’s a grueling Grand Tour that has 21 stages, stretched out over a number of days that challenges the best cyclists in the world. Not surprisingly, betting is popular on the Tour de France. Take a look at this guide to learn more. I will show you everything you have to know and if you don`t have a bookmaker right now, have a look at this table.

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Types of wagers

Most sportsbook that feature cycling betting will offer a number of different types of bets on the Tour de France. Some of these bets will be placed before the Grand Tour begins, while others revolve around events that happen as the Grand Tour is taking place.

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Interesting to know
Did you know that at some races the attendees loose over 8000 calories? If you compare that with a normal person who looses about 2500 calories with normal activities, you can imagine how much the cyclists have to eat.

Handicap possibilities

Cycling is a different type of sporting event than others, as there isn’t a true competition between two players or two teams. As a result, you may think that there wouldn’t be any opportunities to place wagers on handicap betting. That’s because most of the handicap bets are reliant on sportsbooks setting lines and odds on a particular matchup of two players and/or teams.

While this may be the case in terms of the format of the event, it doesn’t mean there aren’t handicap betting options available on the Tour de France. Sportsbooks often offer head-to-head wagers that pit two cyclists or two teams against each other. The sportsbook will set odds for which of the cyclists/teams would be the favorite and which would be the underdog, and the outcome will be determined based on which one fares better during the event. These types of handicap bets are also available in sports such as golf, which are similar to cycling in that it’s not a true head-to-head matchup between two players.

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Year after year this site presents great Tour de France wagers and continues to do so in 2020. But that`s not everything. Make sure you have a look at the great promotions.

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Match betting

This image shows a red bicycleIn cycling, unlike other sports, there are no true matches. However, there are stages of the competition — 21 in total, in fact. This provides a great opportunity to place a bet on the winner of a specific stage of the Tour de France a whopping 21 times. Each stage of the event is very different in terms of the difficulty and terrain, and therefore, different cyclists may be favored to win a particular stage over the others. It’s important that you know which cyclists are good sprinters for stages that are more geared toward that type of cyclist, for example. If you think you have a good read on different cyclists’ styles, strengths and weaknesses, then match betting on the separate stages of the Tour de France is a great way to bet.

The outrights

The most basic, yet probably most popular type of bet on the Tour de France is outright betting on which cyclist will win the Grand Tour. These wagers are most often placed before any of the racing begins. Like other tournament-style events such as tennis and golf tournaments, as well as other professional sports’ playoff rounds, sportsbooks will offer odds on each cyclist to win the event. Because the 2020 Tour de France won’t take place until late June, most sportsbooks don’t have a list of available odds for outright betting just yet.

In 2019, for example, though, Chris Froome was favored to win the event and had +200 odds. The eventual winner was Geraint Thomas, though, who was the second favorite at +300. No doubt, these are good odds, but let`s take a look at the outright odds for 2020.

Egan Bernal+200
Primoz Roglic+500
Chris Froome+600
Thibaut Pinot+600
Geraint Thomas+650
Tom Dumoulin+650
Tadej Pogacar+1000
Simon Yates+2000

The great part about the Tour de France is there are various outright bets to be made, and not just who will be the overall winner. You can pick the Points Winner who will wear the Green Jersey, which is given to the cyclist who accumulates the most points in stage finishes and intermediate sprints. You can also pick who will win the Polka Dot or Climber’s Jersey, given to the cyclist with the most points on mountaintop finishes and King of the Mountains sectors. There are also usually wagers available for cyclists who will finish in the Top Three and Top Ten.

Great tips & strategies

The Tour de France is a very unique sporting event. Because there are 21 stages that make up the entire Grand Tour — and because each of the stages can be so different from the next — there is a lot of research and information that you’ll want to gather before placing bets on the event.

One of the top tips and strategy is to first decide what types of bets you want to make. Are you more interested in overall performance and want to make outright bets at the beginning of the event? Or, do you prefer to specialize and take advantage of odds and wagers on particular cyclists in particular stages? By making this decision first, you’ll be able to hone in on the information that you’ll need to succeed.

Either way, one of the best tips for research is to figure out each cyclist’s particular strengths and weaknesses. That will help inform you as to whether he has the ability to win the entire Tour de France and/or what stages he will do well or poorly in. From there, you want to monitor his performance in the most recent cycling events before the Tour de France to see how he’s been performing.

You’ll want to look at not just how they have finished in standings, but what their times were and whether that would be impressive in the Tour de France’s stages. Also, look out for any injuries or ailments that may be bothering one of the cyclists.

Short summary

The Tour de France is the biggest event in cycling, taking place in France at the beginning of each summer. It’s a huge event that encompasses 21 different stages to make up the whole Grand Tour, making it a great event for sports betting and an event on which I placed many wagers in recent years. There are a number of different wager types and bets available for sports bettors of all kinds. It’s a great event to wager either on the entire winner or on the 21 different stages of the event.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
I think this is the most exciting race in the world and every year I bet on it. If you want to do that as well, you now know my strategies.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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