Esports betting – More than a trend

eSports is one of the fastest growing forms of wagering in the world. If you have ever asked whether or not there is a market for such activity, you should know that it’s real and bigger than you think. In a world where you can wager on anything from sports to stocks, it’s only natural that there are sites in Canada and beyond where you can win some serious coin betting on eSports. It’s not illegal to do so, all you need to do is find a book that offers such action. This shouldn´t be a big problem, modern sports betting sites are aware that more and more people engage in eSports betting and if you want to be among them and want to know how you can benefit from it, make sure to read my comprehensive article that start`s with my overview of interesting sportsbooks that provide eSport betting options.

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What eSports can be wagered on?

Several computer devices such a screen and a headsetAs far as eSports betting is concerned, the growing industry size means that there is a growing number of games that are available to wager on. Popular games like CS GO, DOTA 2, and League of Legends are among the most popular. And bettors can also wager on competitive leagues that are popping up around the world in addition to tournament play. The extremely popular Overwatch League is a great example of this phenomenon. There are even in play betting options available at some sites. In addition to being able to wager on a growing number of sports, eSports bettors can also fund these wagers with a growing number of banking methods.

It’s only natural that eSports bets can be funded by eWallets like PayPal. Methods such as paysafecard are available as well. And bettors can also fund their accounts with cryptocurrency in many cases, as blockchain technology has allowed transactions to take place with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Before funding an account to do any eSports betting, it is recommended that players check the license information for their bookmaker of choice. This information can generally confirm that a site is to be trusted with their money, and should always be checked before making a first deposit at any online betting destination.

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Interesting to know
eSports isn´t new. In the 80`s the Stanfor University held a eSports tournament called Intergalactic Spacewar olympics.

eSports betting CSGO – What you have to know

There may not be a game that can rival CounterStrike in terms of its longevity, with this game featuring one of the biggest and best runs in the industry over multiple game titles. Today, CS GO is the most recent form of the game, for which there is considerable hype in the eSports world at all times.

One of the things that makes CS GO and the rest of the CounterStrike series so well liked is that it doesn’t require much learning from a gameplay perspective. Players don’t need to understand how a series of heroes operate, and can instead just choose their weaponry and play to find out who is the best. That relative simplicity is a huge positive for those who are new to eSports betting and eSports betting CSGO especially.

The token eSports game offers betting in a number of different markets as competitions are taking place. Bettors have the opportunity to wager on both complete match results as well as the results of individual maps. Within those two segments, there are opportunities for bettors to wager on the number of kills scored within a match or map or simply which team wins the most rounds in those time frames.

Whichever of those options you bet on, an important tip for bettors is to know everything they can about the teams and players that are featuring in these competitions before placing a bet. Some teams match up better against an opponent than others, with teams often having extensive histories against one another given how often the elite teams in the sport can clash at various events.

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League of Legends betting

League of Legends might be the most popular of all eSports in the present day, as evidenced by the scenes at the biggest tournaments in the game. With giant screens showing fans what is going on over the course of matches, fans fill stadiums to get a look at their favourite players in some of the most important matches of their lives.

Fortunately, there are League of Legends betting odds available at many a site these days, in which bettors can wager on match winners, handicap wagers or totals. Unlike CS GO, mentioned above, there aren’t a ton of different maps that bettors have to contend with in LoL betting. Instead, they can wager on who will win an overall match, or who will win with a handicap applied to the number of games in a series they win. Totals are also available, where bettors can predict whether the number of kills will go over or under a predetermined total.

Betting on League of Legends requires quite a bit of knowledge of the different heroes that are available to players, as knowing the strengths and weaknesses of players can help make it easier to determine where favourable matchups exist. Additionally, knowing how familiar the players on each team are with one another is a key.

DOTA 2 betting sites – Keep them in mind

DOTA 2 stands for Defense of the Ancients, and is one of the most popular eSports in the world. And with trends in gaming leaning toward simple gameplay that players can just pick up and go with, this game is unique in its complexity in a competitive setting. There are over 100 different heroes that can be used in this game, which has betting action on offer at many wagering DOTA 2 betting sites.

Like League of Legends, DOTA 2 is played in best of three or best of five action. As a result, bettors often have the ability to make handicap wagers to determine which side of a bet will end up with more games won once a handicap is applied to their total number of games earned. This is a lot like betting with a sets handicap in tennis, only with a series of heroes instead of tennis players.

The eSports section of Betway SportsMoneyline bets tend to be the easiest bets to understand, as bettors simply have to correctly pick which team will win a given match. Doing this requires players to know how teams match up with one another, keeping each hero and item in mind as they make those determinations.

Bettors can also have action on individual maps instead of the overall match if they so choose, along with more exotic prop bets that are consistent throughout much of the eSports betting community. Included in those props are things like which team will draw first blood in a match by scoring the first kill or which team will be the first to reach 10 kills in a match.

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Major eSports events in 2021

The bulk of the major eSports tournaments in the world are can’t miss events, where the best players in the world at different games square off for supremacy. As a result, there are certain events on the eSports calendar each year that are not to be missed, with these specific events topping the list.

In League of Legends, the annual world championships are sure to a spectacle that nobody wants to miss. This is an event that legitimately fills stadiums, and is understandably intense as a result. Players around the world will hope to lift the trophy at the end of this tournament, which will be hosted in Paris this year.

For DOTA 2, The International is the biggest event on their calendar each year, with the event set to take pace in China in 2021. This is the first time The International won’t be held in North America, and it is expected that the change of venue will lead to even more energy surrounding the tournament. If you want to benefit from both events, make sure you don´t forget them. Therefore, the following table shows their start and end dates.

EventStart dateEnd date
LOL World ChampionshipsOctober 02, 2019Novembre 10, 2019
DOTA 2 The InternationalAugust 20, 2019August 25, 2019

With over $5 million up for grabs, the 2021 Overwatch League championship will be another can’t miss event. With teams from the United States and China highlighting the field, the League continues to grow after its inaugural season, with the year culminating in this event once again.

One of the coolest things about these marquee events is the fact that there are often tips for bettors to consult before making their decisions. With experts available to handicap matches and make prediction after prediction on their outcomes, bettors don’t even need to know eSports terminology to find good advice heading into the eSports action that they care about.

The summary

Betting on eSports is something that most enthusiasts wouldn’t have dreamed possible in the past. And knowing there is the potential to make some serious profit, there is no reason why hardcore fans of these games at the competitive level shouldn’t give it a go. “Is eSports betting profitable?” one might ask. And the answer to that question is that it certainly can be, with bettors having the chance to pull in a bigger prize than those competing in the events if they do well enough with their selections.

New eSports bettors should take a moment to read reviews on this site about the books they are considering joining to wager on eSports, as signing on with a trusted wagering brand is often the best course of action. No matter what site you choose, though, expect the eSports viewing experience to get even more exciting thanks to eSports betting. If you want to know more about other betting options, I suggest you take a look at the following page.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
In Canada, eSports isn´t as big as in Asia, but that doesn´t mean that Canadian players can not benefit from it. If you want to be among them, make sure you use the info from this article.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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