DOTA 2 betting sites and prediction guide

DOTA 2 is one of the most popular video games ever made, thanks to its immersive world of heroes and practically limitless ways of using them. As a result, it’s no surprise that betting on DOTA 2 competitions for real money has become a very popular new pastime over recent years thanks to the boom of eSports betting on the web. The international phenomenon of a game now offers players the chance to place bets and make money as they watch their favourite teams and players try to do the same. If you are curious and want to know about DOTA 2 betting you are at the right spot. In my article you can read more about the betting options and you will get to know some of the best betting strategies. But first, you will see a table with interesting sportsbooks.

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What kinds of DOTA 2 bets can I make?

An eSports player setupThere are a large number of DOTA 2 bets that can be made, thanks to the large number of sites that offer action on the game. These options span both traditional and non-traditional options, some of which closely resemble actual sports betting action while others have a look and feel that only eSports betting can provide. With so many sites offering so many options, there is no master list of wager types, but here are the most popular choices. First, there are markets available such as skins betting.

In skins betting, players can wager their own money for a chance to win items that are valuable in the game. Those players can then use those items for themselves or sell the item to other players that they meet in a lounge or other online community. There is a huge market for this kind of action, which has become incredibly popular in recent years. Skin betting can also come in the form of bettors risking their funds with the chance to win an in-game reward if their prediction of matches is correct.

There are also single-match betting options available for most DOTA 2 competitions, from massive tournaments like The International all the way down to smaller events. The most common markets for single-match betting are moneyline bets, spread wagers, and totals. Moneyline bets ask players simply which team is going to win a match, or which team will draw first blood, or which team is going to be the first to a specific number of kills. No matter what the market in question is, the moneyline is just to ask who is going to reach a specific goal over their opponent.

Spread wagers ask players who is going to win a specific betting market, but there is a handicap applied. Most commonly, these handicaps are applied to the number of rounds or maps won by a team when the match is said and done.

With DOTA 2 competitive matches usually being best of three or best of fives, these handicaps are usually plus or minus 1.5 or 2.5 rounds depending on the teams involved and how close a match is anticipated.

Totals betting is interesting, in that the winners and losers of the match aren’t as important as the number of kills that are scored in a contest. A predetermined total is posted for bettors to wager on whether the kill count will exceed or fall below that total. These wagers usually depend on the style of play of the teams involved.

There are also in game bets available, with live betting being a very popular way to wager once a match has already started. Bettors can see updated odds as a match is happening, with odds changing based on the things that are happening throughout a match. This is often a good way to find value, as discussion surrounding a match as it happens can give a bettor insight that they didn’t have before the match when it was unclear how the two teams would play against one another.

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Interesting to know
DOTA 2 is one of the few eSports that has it´s own documentary. “Free to Play” covers the professional lifes of three DOTA 2 players during the tournament “The International” in 2011.

How do I win?

Placing a DOTA 2 bet is easy, but winning a DOTA 2 bet is the overall goal. Any how to betting DOTA 2 guide will tell you that there are some things to consider to help maximize the chances of winning a wager. Whether betting on league play or a single match, knowing how the game works is the most important first step to take when trying to make a profit in this game.

First, to win a DOTA 2 bet, a bettor has to find a site that best caters to their needs for betting on the game. A player who wants to bet on the matches themselves instead of getting into skins betting, for example, will want to find a website that offers that action and can meet their needs. From there, winning is all about knowing what you are looking at and applying it to specific betting markets.

On moneyline wagers, for example, bettors should know how to spot odds that are a little more favourable for an underdog or more generous than they should be for a team that is favoured. Spreads and totals, meanwhile, require bettors to know the styles that each team employ when they play and to use that knowledge to find the most profitable betting angle possible.

There is, of course, no surefire way to win a DOTA 2 bet. The best thing that players can do is use their knowledge of the game and the bets they are making to maximize their chances of winning.

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What are the typical odds?

DOTA 2 bettors surely wager on the game because they love it, but with there being real money involved bettors are also in it for the profit. And odds are one of the most important factors to consider when trying to make a profit betting on eSports, as they determine what you can win based on how much is risked. For an example take a look at the following table that shows the odds of a single bet.

Team 1Team 2

But this doesn´t only apply to single bets, it is also true when it comes to moneyline bets, given that the payouts for those bets vary wildly based on how heavily one team is favored over another. Some websites are more favourable than others on moneylines, which can create value in a big way if you bet on these straight up markets often.

Odds for spreads and totals are best explained as being even, with a slight commission for the book on each side. These are most often offered at -110 depending on the site being used. If you can find a site that offers these markets closer to even odds, you can keep more of your cash in the long run given that losses would be slightly less expensive each time.

Odds for DOTA 2 skins betting face perhaps the most variance of any eSports betting markets. This is because each site has its own odds when it comes to the games on offer. These odds are something that should be researched ahead of time to make sure that each site will suit your needs. Also, bettors need to factor in the possibility of the items they win not being for players they want to use.

Are there any tips and tricks?

There are some ways to maximize the possibility of a positive DOTA 2 betting experience. The first way is to use the help of a bankroll management. Charting bets on a spreadsheet is often a good idea. This can help enforce a sense of accountability among bettors to help them avoid reckless wagers.

In terms of how to find a betting URL, bettors should read reviews on the different DOTA 2 betting sites that are out there. Of course, the number 1 spot for those review´s is this website. This will help them find a trusted brand. If you are someone who prefers to bet on mobile devices, reviews often contain information on which sites offer the best mobile betting experiences as well.

This next piece of advice can not be stressed enough: bettors should read the rules for the site they are betting on as they pertain to eSports. With eSports being so new in the betting world, there isn’t necessarily a consistent and codified set of rules out there for players to know off of the top of their heads. Reading each site’s rules will help clear up any confusion about eSports betting and what could help or work against you.

Finally, all bettors should keep in mind that eSports betting and all other forms of betting are meant to be fun. Bettors should only wager what they can afford to lose, and should limit their deposits within a budget that they are comfortable with at all times. Many sites have resources to help players set these limits and prevent any reckless spending.

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The summary

With the popularity of eSports betting taking off, it is no surprise that DOTA 2 eSports betting is at the forefront of the industry. With such a complex and exciting game style, combined with the action of the wagers themselves, there is no shortage of excitement to be had. And if you follow the advice in this guide to DOTA 2 betting, it is entirely possible that you could be celebrating a victory of your own.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
There aren´t many DOTA 2 betting sites, but with our help you can spot them in a second.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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