CFL betting – The most important aspects

The Canadian football league is one of the best things in all of Canadian sports, as the country hosts its own football league that features teams from all over the country. And the excitement of the CFL is only enhanced by the presence of online CFL betting, where bettors can take on a variety of CFL-specific betting markets. In this guide to CFL betting in Canada, find out what kinds of bets can be made on the league and what types of odds you can get on them. In particular you will read more about the most attractive bets such as over/under or future bets. Make sure you don´t skip my article to make the most of your CFL betting experience, which you can experience at one of the following sites.

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How does CFL spread betting work?

Spread betting is the most common form of football betting, and that can be said for CFL wagering as well. In spread betting, bettors have to win their wagers with a handicap applied to whichever team they are backing. If a bettor is backing the favorite in a matchup, there will be points deducted from that team’s total, while backing the underdog results in points being added to their total. The goal when that deduction or addition is applied is to have a higher score than the other squad to win the bet.

Spread betting lines can vary depending on how the two teams are perceived to match up with one another. If there is thought to be a huge gap in quality between the two teams, the spread will be bigger, whereas games expected to be closer will feature a smaller spread. But just because a spread is big or small doesn’t mean that one side is more likely to cover the number than the other. Typically, the matchups between both teams determine the likelihood of each side covering the spread.

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Interesting to know
The CFL has appealed to people around the globe. Nowadays it is even possible to watch the games if you live in Brasil or Mexico.

If you spot the winning team

Moneyline betting on the CFL is interesting, as it sounds easier on the surface than spread betting. Line betting on the CFL requires bettors to simply pick which team will win a given game. But while that might sound like an easier proposition than wagering against the spread, betting on the moneyline can often be trickier and more difficult to do profitably.

The reason for this is the fact that betting on CFL moneylines requires bettors to navigate some potentially difficult odds. Favorites in moneyline betting require bettors to risk a higher dollar amount in order to win the desired payout. Underdogs, meanwhile, require a lower wager amount for the potential to win a higher payout amount. The key is to find value in the moneyline rather than simply backing the team perceived to be better, to avoid upsets harming a bettor’s odds in the long run. This abstract information now becomes more clear. Here is an example of CFL moneyline odds.

Hamilton Tiger-Catsvs.Montreal Alouettes

Examples of value in the moneyline include instances where the favorite isn’t as heavy a favorite as they should be, as well as instances where an underdog is more of an underdog than they should be. Finding these spots requires a lot of research and knowledge of teams that may be dealing with injury concerns or games where a team might be more concerned with a game coming up on their schedule.

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Information about over/under options

Another image that shows a footballTotals betting is interesting in any sport, as there are so many factors to consider compared to what you see in other betting markets. Even if a game goes to expectation in terms of which team wins a game, the total can end up going over or under based on just a few plays. Over/under betting in the CFL is especially interesting, as there are some facets of the Canadian Football League that are unique. The most unique thing about the CFL that can have a substantial impact on totals betting is the presence of the rouge.

A one point play where teams can get on the scoreboard via special teams, a rouge is where a ball is kicked into the end zone and not returned out of the end zone by the opposing team. These one point plays can be enough to determine whether a total goes over in some cases, and they are something that bettors who aren’t accustomed to CFL play might not be used to.

Elsewhere, totals depend on the matchups on the field, but they also are dependent on the pace at which both teams play the game. Some football teams prefer to run the ball and use up the time on the clock by dominating possession. Other squads, meanwhile, would rather win games by airing the ball out with their passing attack. Which team is able to impose their will with regard to pacing usually goes a long way to determining where a point total lands.

Also, keeping an eye out for games that may result in blowouts can be a way to find games that might land on either end of the total. Blowouts typically end with one team trying to run the ball to use up the rest of the clock, while the team that is behind will try and throw the ball to quickly get back into the game. The team that is more successful in achieving their goal will likely see the total swing in one direction or the other.

What to know about CFL futures and prop betting

Futures betting and prop betting are both popular forms of wagering that fall outside of the traditional single game wagering markets of spreads, moneylines, and totals. But there are plenty of reasons for bettors to get excited about them, as they offer the opportunity for handsome payouts in many cases if bettors can understand the CFL from different angles.

CFL futures bets ask bettors to pick who is going to win the Grey Cup on most occasions, with those markets often having longer odds than single-game bets. The reason for this is because it is hard to predict who is going to win a championship in football due to all of the injuries and changes that can take place over the course of a full season. In some ways, futures bets are the best test of a handicapper’s abilities and here is an example.

Team to be #1 Seed in the ConferenceOdds
Hamilton Tiger-Cats-125
Ottawa RedBlacks+140
Montreal Alouettes+900
Toronto Argonauts+900

Prop betting, meanwhile, asks bettors to make picks on specific parts of a game, such as the yardage or scoring output of specific teams and players. These can also be hard to predict given that teams can give the ball to so many different options throughout a game, but paying attention to past performances can be a good indicator of how a player will perform.

What are typical odds?

Games in the CFL have odds that can vary based on a number of factors. Each sportsbook has slightly different odds when it comes to markets where all things are considered equal, such as spreads and totals wagering. For moneyline wagers, the odds change based on how evenly matched the game in question is thought to be. Props and futures, meanwhile, have odds that depend on which team and player you are backing.

Something important to remember about odds is that different sportsbooks will have different odds for the same wagers. As a result, players should be willing to look at different sportsbooks to find the most favorable odds that they can get. This will allow bettors to make more money on their bets without having to risk more of their bankroll.

The summary

There are plenty of methods to get more insights on CFL betting, with plenty of CFL-specific tips based on trends from around the league that bettors can take advantage of. The CFL has some components that are different than what NFL bettors might be used to, but the same principles tend to apply to wagering on Canada’s pro football league.

Remembering how each type of bet works and betting intelligently on a consistent basis is the ultimate recipe for success, with smart bankroll management and use of sound CFL betting strategies being the keys to a profitable CFL betting campaign. The best thing is that you can use my strategies for general football betting as well. If you want to find out more, please have a look at my wide-rangig text about football betting.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
CFL matches are very nice to watch. A lot´s of energy, great talents and attractive odds.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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