Super Bowl betting – The most important details

The Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest game in the NFL each season, but it might be the biggest game in all of sports in the Western Hemisphere as well. Hundreds of millions of people watch the Super Bowl each year, with hundreds of millions of dollars wagered on the game from the action on the field to what is going on off of the field. In my guide to betting on the Super Bowl online, find out everything you need to know about wagering on the Super Bowl. This means that you will learn more about the various betting strategies, such as moneyline or futures, but you will also get interesting background information and much more, for example a table that shows attractive bookmakers at which you can benefit from many Super Bowl betting options.

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How does the spread works?

Betting on the Super Bowl against the spread is one of the most common forms of Super Bowl betting, as it tends to be the best test for a handicapper in a single-game setting. It is right up with the squares pool that you will see at any Super Bowl party in terms of how much betting is done, with spreads and boxes being almost unavoidable when talking about wagering on the big game.

To bet the Super Bowl against the spread, bettors have to choose which team is going to win with or against a predetermined point handicap. What is the betting line on the Super Bowl depends largely on how competitive the two teams are thought to be heading into the game, with the bigger the talent disparity often leading to a larger point spread to contend with.

If a bettor is backing the favorite against the spread, they are going to have points subtracted from their team’s total at the end of the game, while backing the underdog sees points added onto said total once all is said and done. It is worth remembering that there is no home or away team in the Super Bowl, with the game held at a neutral site, which means that home-field advantage isn’t a factor the way that it is usually is in a game preview and when handicapping for the spread.

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Interesting to know
Did you know that a 30 second Super Bowl advertise clip costs several millions? Did you also know that during the game Americans eat more than one billion chicken wings?

How does line betting work?

On the moneyline side of things, betting on the Super Bowl is essentially the same as backing one team to win the Super Bowl, as the moneyline market is simply asking which team will win the game. One might think that this is an easier proposition than betting against the spread, but the history of the Super Bowl proves that moneyline betting during this game is anything but easy.

Underdogs have won outright in the Super Bowl on many occasions, which is a product of the game featuring two of the best teams in the league. To get to the Super Bowl, a team has to go through an absolute gauntlet of a postseason, making any team qualified to beat any team. And when you add the pressure that a legacy defining game like the Super Bowl can bring, you end up with a situation where anything can happen on the moneyline.

Line betting lines are set based on how close a game is anticipated to be, the same way that spread betting markets are set. But some of the biggest underdogs in Super Bowl history have won the game outright, proving that bettors can’t assume that the moneyline favorite is going to get the job done.

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What are the over/under options?

A football and dollarsSuper Bowl totals betting asks bettors to accurately predict whether the total number of points scored will end up going over or under the total that is set by a sportsbook. Figuring out which way to go in this market requires idears based on how the two teams match up with one another and what kinds of pace they play when faced with such an important game. One of the biggest tips that can be offered for totals bettors in the Super Bowl is to look at any past performances by a team in this game. Some teams play extremely slowly in the first half of the game, for example, to get a feel for their opponents so that they can make adjustments and pull ahead in the second half.

Others have chosen to be ultra aggressive early in the game, which can open things up considerably if a team needs to make a late comeback. Also, figuring out which team is going to have the upper hand in the game can help a bettor figure out where the total will land. If a team has a clear advantage on the offensive or defensive end, that will give one side of the total a clear advantage over the other. Understanding which side of the ball is going to reign supreme is the first step toward nailing a totals wager.

Information about props

Super Bowl props are one of the most talked about portions of Super Bowl betting, as it creates small games within the big game that people find irresistable. Usually captured within the umbrella of Super Bowl props are props that are vastly more entertaining than what is available during regular games.

These exotic props include the likes of bets on what the broadcasters will say during the game, what color of beverage will be dumped on the winning coach, and what the winner of the game’s MVP award will say in their postgame interview. Here is an example of the odds, tied to the winning speech.

Who will the Super Bowl MVP mention first in his speech?Odds
Family or Family members400

There are also plenty of traditional game props to be had, similar to what bettors would find throughout the year. These props ask about the performances of individual players and teams, as well as things like what the margin of victory will be in the game and what the longest field goal made will be.

Perhaps most interestingly, are the selection of cross-sport props that are made available by sites heading into the game. In these props, bettors are tasked with picking the higher total between an element of the Super Bowl and a component of a matchup in another sport.

The sports calendar is somewhat muted outside of the Super Bowl on the day of the game, but these props help inject a little life into the rest of the day, to help fans deal with the anticipation of the Super Bowl being so close to starting yet feeling so far away until it kicks off.

What are the typical odds of this global event?

Super Bowl betting lines can vary greatly based on the teams involved in the game. This is especially true of the moneyline and totals markets, as those tend to be the most dependent on the matchups between the two teams involved in the game. The bigger the disparity in quality between the teams, the heavier the moneyline favorite will be. And the more explosive the teams involved in the game, the higher the total is forecasted to be.

In terms of an even spread betting market, odds can vary slightly depending on the sportsbook involved. Some sites charge less in vig or juice on each bet, which is the small percentage of action that a book takes to get a cut of action on both sides. It could be a good idea for bettors to look around at multiple sportsbooks, as finding one that offers a better price on a bet could help a bettor become more profitable on a long-term basis.

Short conclusion

Super Bowl betting is one of the peaks of the sports betting calendar, as bettors can enjoy the chance to win money while watching one of the most exciting and most talked about contests in the world. There are so many ways to bet on the game, from picking who is going to win straight up, to predicting the total, to guessing what color outfit the halftime performer is going to wear. And all of those different bets help to make the Super Bowl one of the most fun nights of the year for sports fans and sports bettors alike. Since the Super Bowl happens only once a year, it might be interesting to place other bets on football matches and if you want to know the most important information about football betting, you can take a look at this subsequent website.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
With Super Bowl being such a global event, there has never been a discussion whether we include a comprehensive article with interesting betting strategies.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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