Free sports picks – How to use them

With sports betting featuring so many options and so many different sports to choose from, it can be hard to keep track of everything. As a result, it may be difficult to put together winning picks in different sports. Fortunately, there are people out there who do track each sport and can offer predictions to help improve a bettor’s overall sports betting performance. And the best part is that players can find these sports betting picks for free, I will show you how you can do it. Further, I will show you free picks in the context of different sports, like Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey or Soccer. Last but not least, I will present you the advantages and disadvantages of free picks. However, this article starts with a table that of sportsbooks where you can place wagers and benefit from high odds.

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How does it work?

A basketball goes through the rimFree sports betting picks are incredibly easy to get a hold of, and incredibly easy to use to your advantage. The first thing a bettor has to do is gain access to the free sports betting picks that they want. To do that they can bookmark this website and check the latest free picks or they use social media and can watch videos and listening to podcasts. Once a bettor has found the free sports betting picks that they want, they can then go ahead and use those picks and parlays that are provided to them. To do this, a bettor can go to whichever sportsbook they use to make their wagers and enter in the picks that they want to make per the advice of their chosen tipsters.

Some pick providing services don’t just let bettors in on which teams and events they should be betting on. They also let bettors know how much they should be wagering as well. With bankroll management being such an important part of sports betting, advice like that can be extremely valuable to making sure that a bettor remains disciplined and puts themselves in the best positions to win.

One of the most important components to how free sports betting picks work, though, has nothing to do with the actual wins and losses surrounding the advice given out by a handicapper. Instead, accountability is one of the most valuable things that top handicappers can provide to those who follow their picks.

Pick providers who can provide wins and losses and document what those wins and losses were are vastly more reputable than tipsters who cannot. After all, anyone can claim that they are hitting their bets at a rate that would make them a professional bettor, but a handicapper can only prove themselves as such by bringing the data to back those claims up. It is that data that separates the elite handicappers from those who may not be 100% truthful.

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Interesting to know
If you are new to a sport, a free pick can help you to “get a grip” on it. You don´t have any risks and afterwards you can decide whether you want to place more bets in the context of the given sport.

What to know about NFL free picks

NFL betting is one of the most popular forms of betting around, thanks to the massive popularity of the league as a whole. And with so many eyes on professional football, it is only natural that there are no shortage of expert NFL picks to be found. From week 1 to the end of the Super Bowl and from Thursday Night Football to Monday Night Football, bettors are almost always able to find analysis and picks from the games that matter most to them in the National Football League.

The most common type of free picks that come out are picks against the spread and totals wagers. Point spread wagers are the most common in the NFL because of just how popular spread betting is in the league. Thanks to football pools and the constant talk about spread betting through sports media, the spread has become almost as important to football fans as the game itself. As a result, there is a wealth of opinions that players can use to get an edge against the spread. Also, the futures are very attractive, just look at the following table.

Team to be winner of the NFL ChampionshipOdds
New England Patriots+750
Kansas City Chiefs+850
Los Angeles Rams+1000
New Orleans Saints+1100
Philadelphia Eagles+1200

When finding NFL picks for free, it’s smart to look for handicappers who don’t lean too heavily toward favorites or underdogs unless they have a clear set of reasoning for each of their picks. Pick providers who can show that they approach each game on a case by case basis are the ones who should be trusted the most in the NFL, as the season is usually not dominated by either favorites or underdogs.

Regarding totals betting, the most important thing to evaluate is pace of play. Some teams like to run an uptempo style where they throw the ball constantly, while others prefer to slow the game down and limit possessions with the running game. Evaluating which teams are going to be able to impose their style on a game is a critical factor, and one that any worthwhile handicapper can take care of when handicapping totals.

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NBA free picks in the spotlight

NBA betting is especially popular during the postseason, but it has its place during the regular season as well. The star power of the league makes it nearly irresistible to follow throughout the year, with plenty of tipsters being able to break down the games to provide quality picks both against the spread (ATS) and straight up when warranted. Betting in the NBA is a little trickier than the NFL during the regular season, due to the length of the season involved. The NBA regular season is 82 games long, where teams might rest players here and there to make sure that they are able to go should the team make the playoffs and here is an example of NBA future bets.

TeamOdds for winning the NBA 2019/2020
Los Angeles Clippers+275
Los Angeles Lakers+375
Milwaukee Bucks+600
Philadelphia 76ers+900

As a result, handicapping the NBA is about knowing what kind of demands will be put on players heading into a game just as much as it is about knowing about the matchups between competing teams.

Once the postseason starts, the worries about load management go out the window, and handicappers can focus on matchups and what makes teams able to beat the spread or moneyline in those situations. Home court is a huge factor in the NBA as well, with loud crowds in tighter indoor arenas making it a huge potential advantage.

Regarding totals, tipsters should again be able to evaluate the pace of play for the teams involved, as more defensively oriented teams tend to play games with lower point totals than their more uptempo counterparts. Knowing which teams are the best at grabbing offensive rebounds is key too, as those teams create more frequent possessions that don’t last as long, which could impact the total.

Information about MLB free picks

Baseball betting is tricky, given that baseball is a sport built around even the best hitters in the sport failing to get a hit seven out of the ten times they come to the plate. The great baseball handicappers know this, and don’t overvalue hitting unless there is a matchup that really benefits a team’s batting order. Pitching, on the other hand, is the most important indicator that baseball handicappers look at.

Pitching matchups in baseball are what change day in and day out, as the starting rotations of teams are unique to baseball. Whereas basketball teams have a starting lineup that stays the same, pitchers can’t pitch every day. Instead, handicappers have to make sure they know who is pitching for each game and how those pitchers stack up against not only one another, but against the opposing lineups as well.

Say, for example, that one team has a left handed pitcher that is going up against mostly left handed hitters and a second team has a lefty taking on all right handed hitters. You may not notice it, but the team full of right handed hitters has the advantage in that situation. Make sure that the source of your free baseball picks can point those matchup advantages out.

What makes CFL free picks so interesting

Free football picks aren’t limited to just the NFL, with there also being plenty of free picks available for the CFL too. What makes free picks in the CFL effective is the fact that handicappers have to have specific knowledge of the Canadian Football League in order to perform well at it. This is due to some of the rules differences between the two leagues, such as the wider field, the reviewable penalties and, of course, the majestic rouge.

Since the CFL is an entirely different league than the NFL, there is also an entirely different player pool as well. And that is another place where finding an effective CFL handicapper will be a benefit. Benefits can be obtained from the odds as well, just take a look at the following table.

Hamilton Tiger-Catsvs.Montreal Alouettes

Instead of having to watch film and try to learn everything that each player does well and not so well, bettors can rely on free CFL picks from people who already have that information.

Of course, there is plenty of other football action that is handicapped as well. College football is arguably more popular than the NFL due to just how much more action there is in NCAAF. And bettors can find plenty of free CFB picks, with plenty of college football tipsters who cover specific conferences and teams to help you cut through the well over 100 teams just at the highest division of the sport.

NHL free picks

Hockey is immensely popular in Canada, which means that hockey bettors will find no shortage of free NHL picks out there. These picks aren’t done by just Canadians, of course, but they can all benefit Canadian bettors if the bettor finds a good source of those picks. Some of those picks are futures and here is an example about what the odds could look like.

Winner - Including playoffsOdds
Tampa Bay Lightning+700
Vegas Golden Knights+1000
Boston Bruins+1150
Nashville Predators+1400
Toronto Maple Leafs+1400

With hockey being such a physical sport, bettors should look to a handicapper who can take the war of attrition into account by way of injuries. They should also look for tipsters who can give insights into which goaltenders will be playing in a given game, as goaltender rotations can drastically impact a team’s chances to win a specific matchup.

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Things to consider when using CBB free picks

Most sports fans pay attention to college basketball right around March Madness time. But there are NCAAB handicappers who give the sport attention year round, which can be great for those who want to wager on college basketball. With over 300 Division I college basketball teams, it is important to find handicappers who can find value even in the smaller conferences that are rarely paid attention to, to find picks that have the best chance of winning.

As is the case in the NBA, home court advantage is huge for college basketball betting. Sometimes, this is even more so the case, as many young athletes in college basketball are still getting used to playing in big opposing arenas or against hostile crowds. And that can mean poor performances from visiting teams if bettors know where to look.

Once tournament time rolls around, there are chances for action that go well beyond a bettor’s bracket. Finding college basketball picks from someone who understands the nature of the tournament and isn’t afraid to roll with underdogs is important, especially when covering the spread is a more attainable goal than picking upsets correctly straight up in a bracket contest.

MLS free picks discussed

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and it is becoming more and more popular in North America. This is thanks in large part to the growth of MLS, which continues to expand throughout the United States and Canada. There is a different quality of play in MLS than there is in top European leagues, and it is important for anyone providing free MLS picks to know that and to take that into account when they are evaluating the league.

A screenshot of the look of the 888 Sport Homepage

This online bookmaker 888 Sport offers many great MLS bets

The MLS playoffs are different than the way a champion is decided in most soccer leagues, which often give the trophy to the team with the most points by the end of the season. Instead, they function similarly to the knockout stages of the Champions League, where two-legged ties take place to eliminate teams before a one-match final. Of course, this is something that handicappers should take into account for futures betting purposes and to conclude, here is an example of different baseball betting odds.

Match Winner and Total Runs 9.5OddsHandicap Home Team -1.5 and Total Runs 9.5Odds
Home Team over and Under+240Home Team over and Under+380
Home Team and Under+210Home Team and Under+340
Away Team and Over+335Away Team and Over+215
Away Team and Under+295Away Team and Under+188

Pros and cons

One of the biggest pros to free sports betting picks is the fact that the people doing the handicapping often have expertise directly involved with the sports that they are handicapping. That expertise can increase the chances of winning, as a more generalized sports fan is less likely to know exactly what goes into placing winning bets in niche sports consistently.

A great example of this is horse racing. It is easy to find free horse racing picks, but with so many specialty forms of the sport, it’s great that there are handicappers who can cover all of those different disciplines. Instead of hoping you know each of those specialties, instead, you can look to cappers who can provide free harness racing picks, picks from Churchill Downs, and free horse racing picks Aqueduct. While winning is not guaranteed, those specialized minds can greatly increase your chances.

What makes these highly specialized picks across many sports so compelling is the fact that they often use research and metrics that casual and generalized bettors don’t think to use. While not every pick provider is going to be a human super computer, the use of advanced metrics is often something that can give bettors an edge. Tipsters who can use those metrics and pass them along to casual players are worth keeping an eye out for.

There is also the fact that there are just so many sports to choose from when seeking free sports betting picks. If you are a fan of football, you can find football picks. If you are a fan of tennis, you are covered. The only limit to the free picks that a bettor can find is their imagination.

Perhaps the biggest positive to getting a hold of free sports betting picks, bettors can get a second opinion on things that they feel strongly about. This can challenge a bettor’s biases and help them discover perspectives on a game or a matchup that they may not have seen previously. This can either help a bettor to make a smarter decision or to abstain from placing a bet that may have otherwise lost.

If there is a negative to be found from obtaining free sports betting picks, it could be the lack of transparency that some providers choose to give. Of course, a handicapper is only as valuable as their ability to provide high-quality tips. Therefore, struggling tipsters might not be completely forthcoming in their poor performances, while trumpeting their successes. This is common, but can be fought by bettors who do a thorough job of vetting their sources of information to make sure that they only follow handicappers who document their action for all to see.

The conclusion

Sports betting picks are a valuable industry, as sports bettors can find information and perspective on different sports that they may not have had previously. This can lead to more profitable picks or, if nothing else, a greater understanding of what makes sports betting work and how to do it well. Finding quality free sports betting picks can be a challenge, but doing so is ultimately worth it. Do you want to read more about this interesting topic? Than take a look at There I have summarized all the important information.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
If you want to make the most of free sports picks, make sure you consider the information from this article. The quality doesn´t get any better, no matter where you look.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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