Golf betting – How to make the most of it

Golf is one of the world’s oldest sports, and thanks to modern video technology – as well as some top-flight golfers – it remains one of the most watched sports in all the world. With that being the case, golf betting is naturally an ever-popular thing to do for people who watch the sport and bet at sportsbooks. Golf betting isn’t as straightforward as many other sports, mainly because there isn’t a set matchup between two teams or players. Instead, golf is often a tournament-style event with multiple players vying for the same title. However, I think its a great sport and I would like to share my enthusiasm. That`s why I created this guide. Let’s take a look at how golf betting works, including the odds and tips for betting.

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What type of wagers are available?

A golf club and ballThe structure of most golf events are that multiple players enter a tournament that is played over four days — from Thursday through Sunday. While some events on the golf circuit do include head-to-head matchups of individual golfers, or teams of golfers, most of the events are a free-for-all. In this sense, golf is more akin to a NASCAR or other car racing event — at least in terms of betting. Because of this, the most popular type of bet in golf are future wagers on who will win a specific tournament. These picks can be made nowadays before the tournament starts, or even after it begins. Other popular golf betting types include wagers on whether a player will or will not make “the cut.”

After the first two days of the tournament, a certain number of golfers move onto the final two rounds, while the rest go home. This is called “making the cut,” if a golfer advances to the final two rounds. Some sportsbooks will also offer prop bets such as whether one golfer will perform better than another golfer, or an over under type bet on what a specific golfer’s score may be for a specific round of the tournament.

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Interesting to know
Golf combines physical and mental strength and is therefore one of the toughest sports on the planet. This explains the high prices which can easily exceed several hundred of thousands of dollars.

How do the odds work?

In most golf bets, odds are set before a tournament begins, with certain golfers being favorites and/or underdogs to win a tournament or make the cut, for example. In this way, each golfer has odds next to his or her name for accomplishing that feat.

The golfers who are considered the favorites to win the tournament will have the lowest odds on the board. For example, if Tiger Woods is considered the favorite to win a tournament, he may have odds of +125 to win. This means that if you bet $100 on him and he wins the tournament, you’d win $125. Other golfers who are considered more longshots to win the tournament may have odds of, say +600, +700 or even +1000. The higher the odds, the less likely that golfer is to win the tournament, according to the sportsbooks.

For the prop bets such as matchups between two golfers, the sportsbooks will handicap the outcome and set odds in a similar fashion to how they do so for moneyline bets in football. For example, if the prop bet matches Justin Thomas against Tiger Woods (with Thomas being the favorite), the sportsbook may install Thomas’ odds as -150. If Thomas finishes the tournament with a better overall score than Woods, then that wager would win — and you’d need to wager $150 to win $100 in this case.

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How to find value

Because most golf bets are futures bets on who will win a tournament, it can be a little difficult to find the best value bets among a crowded tournament field. You can’t simply pick all the favorites in the tournament, because a lot of times, they don’t win. However, if you think that that is the best betting option, here is an example of the outright bets for the US Masters 2021.

Rory McIlroy+900
Brooks Koepka+1000
Tiger Woods+1000
Dustin Johnson+1200

Instead, a good idea is finding players who are in that second or third tier of favorites for a particular tournament and roll the dice with them. They often have won tournaments in the past, are very good golfers and have better payouts because their odds are higher. If they win the tournament, you’d get a bigger payday.

Tips for your analysis

Like other sports, one of the most important things to do when you’re trying to analyze golf betting is to take a look at how each golfer has done in recent tournaments. Today, this is quite easy to do. Not only is there plenty of information available on the internet, but more and more tournaments are being broadcast on TV — even the smaller tournaments.

Another great strategy in golf betting is to see which golfers have fared well in a particular tournament in the past, or at courses that are similar to the one they are about to play. Popular events are: PGA tour, US Open, British Open, CP Women`s Open, US Masters . You can also match up a golfer’s style or strengths to the upcoming course to find golfers who may perform better than expected. For example, if a golfer is a really great driver but isn’t as accurate as others, he may do very well at courses that are more wide open. This could help you find a diamond in the rough in terms of value bets.

Cease the opportunities

The classic game of golf has been enjoyed by millions of people for hundreds of years, but only recently has it gained significant popularity among sports bettors. A lot of this has to do with advances in video technology so people can watch the sport more often, as well as the advent of the internet and sportsbooks.

From a betting perspective, golf is a slightly different sport than many others, as there aren’t very many head-to-head matchups between individual players or teams. That means the odds will be slightly different, as will the odds. But understanding how golf betting works and how the odds work will help you find those value picks and enjoy more wins. If you want to know more about betting in general have a look at the first page of the website.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
With tens of events every year it, there is no doubt that we present a piece about golf betting.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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