Hockey betting – Bet successfully on the national sport

Ice hockey is one of the great pastimes of Canada, as the country has had success in the sport both in professional leagues like the NHL and in international competition. As a result, betting on hockey is one of the most popular forms of sports betting in Canada, with the ability to bet online on hockey making it easier than ever for bettors to enjoy the game that they love. In this guide to online hockey betting in Canada, find out what types of bets hockey bettors can place and how they can give themselves the best chance to win. Further, you will see my selection of interesting sportsbooks and promotions.

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How does ice hockey line betting work?

When it comes to hockey line betting, understanding the different lines that are out there is the first step toward mastering hockey betting odds. There are a couple of common forms of line betting. These are moneyline bets and puckline bets. Knowing how to read a betting line for these two different types of markets is important for bettors to make the smartest bets that they can.

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What does moneyline mean in hockey betting? Well, the answer to that question is that it is a market that is essentially asking simply who is going to win a given game. Moneyline bets are either two way wagers, where one team or the other can be chosen from, or 3 way bets. In a 3 way bet, bettors can choose to bet on either one team or the other to win or on the game to be tied at the end of regulation. This is similar to a 1×2 bet that is most popular in soccer betting.

And what is puck line in hockey betting? The puck line is a handicap betting market, similar to betting on hockey against the spread. Here, bettors have to pick which team is going to win with a handicap either added to or taken from the team’s score when the game is over. Whether the handicap is added or subtracted depends on which team is the favorite and which is the underdog. This is also often phrased as ‘what does LFT mean in hockey betting’ as the LFT stands for lose by fewer than. This is because the underdog has to lose by fewer than a certain number of goals to win the bet.

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A precursor of hockey stem from the Netherlands and is known as Bandy. It´s origins date back more than a century ago. The Amsterdam Hockey and Bandy Club was set up in 1892.

How does the over and under option work?

There are fewer markets associated with over under betting in hockey, as the totals betting markets simply ask bettors to make picks based on the number of goals they think will be scored over the course of a game. What is interesting about this market is how dependent it can be on a team’s style of play as it relates to their opponents. If two aggressive, fast-paced teams oppose one another in a game, that makes it more likely that a high scoring game will occur than if two teams content to play defensive hockey are matched up.

Making predictions on totals bets in the NHL depends on a lot of factors, but bettors should be sure to check out the recent performances of teams against upcoming opponents to see if there is anywhere to find value in these lines. If a team has had trouble scoring on a specific goaltender, for example, a bettor could use that information to come to the conclusion that the total was set too high. The key is to make smart predictions based on information like that, rather than going with gut feelings.

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How to wager during a game

In play betting is best explained as a form of betting where the odds constantly move based on what is happening on the ice at a given time. Each shot, hit, penalty and goal can have a massive impact on the odds to win different betting markets, which makes hockey in play betting one of the more fun things to track and wager on throughout hockey games.

Perhaps the most appealing thing about live betting on hockey is the fact that there are just so many betting markets to choose from. In addition to puck line, moneyline, and totals wagers, bettors can wager on things in game such as which team will be the first to score a certain number of goals and what the correct score will be based on what is happening in the game at that moment. The following image shows you how to wager during a game.

Make in play bets in three steps

If there is one tip that hockey bettors should take into in play betting, it is the fact that there are a lot of different markets that can have a prediction made on them. Therefore, bettors should bet carefully, and avoid falling into live betting traps like betting on too many different things. Just because the options are out there, doesn’t mean that bettors need to take on all of them. Instead, bettors should stick to what they know and make the smartest decisions they can.

What are the best NHL betting strategies?

In terms of tips on how to win at hockey or NHL betting, the best thing that a bettor can do is not to bet recklessly. As previously mentioned, there are so many different betting markets out there, and bettors can potentially overextend themselves and their bankrolls if they aren’t careful. Only making bets where there is thought to be some value is the best possible decision, or at least only betting on the teams and leagues that a bettor is intimately familiar with.

Another solid strategy to successful hockey betting is to find where in a game teams play at their best, and using that data to inform betting decisions. For example, if a team is known for starting out hot and playing well out of the gates, bettors will want to look into first period hockey betting for that team rather than full game betting, where their level could drop off in the final two periods.

Bettors should also keep an eye out for goalkeeper information when betting on hockey. Which goalie is in the game on a given day can be the difference between a successful wager on a team and an unsuccessful one. Goalie form is easy to identify thanks to all of the statistics that exist on a game by game basis, and every bettor should take a look at this info as well as who is likely to play in goal before placing bets.

Which events are biggest?

In terms of having the biggest events in the hockey world, the United States and Canada are typically heavily involved. Olympic and World Cup of Hockey betting often feature those two countries among the favorites, with most betting sites ranking Canada as the top hockey country in the world in marquee competitions.

At the club level, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the biggest ticket in the sport, with the top 16 teams in the NHL playing seven game series until 15 teams are eliminated and a champion is crowned. Given the reverence in the world of sports toward the Stanley Cup, it is no surprise that the battle for the Cup is given so much attention by bettors and hockey fans. Some of these competitions are specified in the following table.

EventStarting dateEnd date
Stanley CupAround April 2020Around May / June 2020
Olympic Winter gamesJuly 24, 2020Sunday 09, 2020

Short summary

Hockey betting is a fun way to add further enjoyment to the hockey viewing experience. And with so many different ways to wager on hockey, there is virtually no limit as to how much fun a bettor can have with the sport that they love. And if they follow the advice in my guide, there’s no reason they can’t make a little cash to boot. Also, if you consider to bet on a different sport, look at this massive overview.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
What would this website be without a comprehensive hockey betting article? Right, just not complete. Hopefully my article has prepared you 100% for your hockey betting adventures.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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