In play betting – Why its so popular

Sports betting is immensely popular not just because people love sports, and not just because people love betting, but because people love being able to bet on the sports that they care about when they want to. That includes being able to do so during a live sporting event, which is where live betting comes into play. What does live betting mean? It means betting on an event while it is in play. In my guide to in play betting, find out the answer to a vital betting question: how does in play betting work? Aside from the answer, you will read more about live betting strategies and how to make the most of them. Furthermore, this article shows you the pros and cons of in play betting and gives you tips with regards to your  mobile device, to make sure that everything goes fine. If you want to try in play betting, you can take a look at the following sites that are suited for it.

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What types of in-play bets can I make?

Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to say that the types of in play bets that can be made are limited to a bettor’s imagination, as there is any number of options to choose from. Bettors can wager on high-profile football and soccer matches as they are happening, as well as less viewed sports like tennis, cricket, and rugby league. There is even the opportunity to live bet on boxing or the horses if one is so inclined. Even politics and esports like CSGO are up for grabs.

In terms of betting markets that are available, these vary greatly depending on what sport is being wagered on. There are the standard live Asian handicap and moneyline wagers to be had in just about every sport, but when things get more exotic is where they get more fun for bettors in the live betting arena. In soccer, for example, being able to take part in in play correct score betting is a source of immense fun, as bettors are tasked with picking the final score of the match as the game is happening.

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In terms of how does in play football betting work, bettors can take live spreads, moneylines, and totals, sure. But they can also bet on what the outcome of a drive will be as it is happening, adding dimensions of excitement to betting even as a game is going on. And it is that added depth that has made live betting as popular as it is today.

There are, of course, countless other types of in play bets that can be made depending on what sport is being wagered on. Basketball bettors can wager on which team will be the first to 10 points in a quarter. Tennis bettors can wager on the outcome of individual service games in a match. And baseball bettors can bet on the outcome of each individual at bat.

Of course, it should be noted that not all sportsbooks offer the same in play betting markets. Bettors should take a look at what is available at each site to see if it is up to their liking before they start live betting at one site over another. This move will save a bettor from attempting to place bets somewhere they can’t get what they want.

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The bookmakers on provide great in play betting options. Make sure that you have a stable Internet connection and a capable modern device, to make the most of these options.

What role do mobile devices have?

The role of mobile devices when it comes to in play betting is an interesting one, given that many of the best sites in the sports betting world offer some form of mobile betting to their players. But that mobile betting is made even more important during in play wagering, as the use of an app or mobile site is often critical to getting a wager in on time.

As one might expect, live betting is much more time sensitive, given that the odds are constantly changing as events take place in a given sporting event. If a goal is scored or a player is sent off, that can have a drastic effect on the odds a bettor can get and how profitable they can be in their wagering. Therefore, being able to place a bet via mobile device is a huge benefit, as bettors don’t have to be at home to be able to get the best odds on their in-play wagers.

Compare this to pregame betting, where a bettor can place a bet ahead of time via app, mobile site, desktop site, or by making a phone call in some cases. You will see that there is a huge difference in the sense of urgency between those two types of wagering. As a result, bettors who want to take part in live betting should be sure to keep their mobile device ready to do so as they pay attention to the games that matter most to them.

Of course, bettors will still need to have access to their chosen sportsbook to be able to place in play wagers on mobile devices. This means that they will need to be somewhere with either cellular coverage or wireless internet access. Those things are usually available in most places, but it never hurts to plan ahead and make sure you are somewhere with connectivity.

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These are the best events

Any advice into the best events to place live bets on should be prefaced by saying that this list can vary a lot based on what events you are most interested in. But, generally speaking, the best events to place in play wagers on are the ones that carry lots of meaning to a large amount of people. These high-profile events are already tense and exciting, and adding live betting into the mix makes them even more so.

A great example of tense events that are enhanced even further by live betting are major golf tournaments, such as the US Open golf tournament and the US Masters. These tournaments are already incredibly exciting, with every shot carrying a massive amount of significance to those involved and those watching. But adding live bets onto that intensity makes for a great experience. The same can be said about major sporting events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and Stanley Cup Final. If you want to place bets during those events, consider the following table for the start and end dates.

EventStart dateEnd date
U.S. Open 2020June 18, 2020June 21, 2020
US-MastersApril 9, 2020April 12, 2020
Super BowlFebruary 2, 2020February 2, 2020

These are legacy-defining events, with the participants doing everything they can to win. And bettors can benefit from the sense of urgency that the players feel, as they can place bets knowing that the athletes they are backing are giving it their all.

The most important advantages and disadvantages

As far as the advantages of in play betting are concerned, perhaps the biggest one is the fact that there are just so many wagers to choose from. As mentioned earlier, the amount of things there are to be live bet on are just astronomical thanks to the amount of in game bets there are that are specific to each sport.

Another positive is that if a player is suspended for a match or deemed unable to compete due to injury before a match, a live bettor will know that before their bet is placed. Compare that to a pre-match bet, where an injury or suspension can be announced after a bet is placed, and you will find vastly more favorable circumstances for the live bettor in this scenario.

But the biggest positive might be the fact that bettors can get massive value from in play betting. Sports betting is all about finding value, as that is the most effective way to maximize the odds of winning and give yourself the best chance at turning a profit.

With in play betting, bettors can often get a better price than they could before a game started, to secure more winnings should their bet succeed. Again, live soccer betting is a great example of this. When a goal is not scored early in a match, the odds of the favorite might decrease slightly, making them more profitable if the favorite ends up winning.

This same theory applies to totals being as well. If the start of a game is high scoring, the in play total will rise. This will give bettors the chance to take the over at a number much more favorable than the one given out before the game. Conversely, a low scoring start can bring the in play total down, opening up the chance to bet the over at a more favorable number.

  • Great variety of betting options
  • Bettor has more information
  • Bettor is able to create a valuable bet
  • Higher odds are possible
  • It might be harder to choose a bet
  • Free picks aren´t available
  • Mobile bettors need a good device
  • A stable Internet connection is necessary

If there are any negatives to in play betting, they are the fact that it may be harder to get tips for live betting than it is to get pre-match tips. Also, there is the possibility that a delay can still leave a bettor’s money in limbo. The delay portion is not much to worry about, as that is the case with not pre-match or in play bets. But bettors who like getting free picks for their bets might prefer pre-match betting.

The reason for this is the fact that tipsters can’t create the necessary content fast enough to keep up with the constantly changing odds of matches. Whereas pre-match betting has odds that don’t change too drastically, lending itself to creating content in advance, live betting affords no such luxury. Fortunately, though, bettors can just use the strategy listed above to get an idea of how to beat the bookmakers in these instances.

In play betting is one of the best things about sports betting today. It allows bettors to use strategy and smarts to wager on games after they have already started, opening up the chance to profit on a near-endless collection of betting markets. As long as bettors stick to smart in play betting approaches, they too can become better sports bettors as matches are taking place.

What are the best strategies?

There are countless strategies that you will read about when it comes to in play betting, where people play the live markets different ways in hopes of stacking up profits. But which in play betting strategies are the best? These methods being explained should help you understand why they can be so effective.

One effective in play betting strategy is to go against the flow of what is happening in a game. Overreacting to things that we see is a part of human nature, which is especially true when it comes to watching sports. When a team goes on an early scoring run, not only do we think that the run will continue, but we think that the other team will often fail to recover from it.

By going against the run of play, bettors are making predictions that fall in line with what a statistical model projects for an overall match rather than betting along with the early momentum of a game. This, of course, does not always work, but teams often trade runs of momentum throughout a match and it is smart to get a line that may be an overreaction to early performances rather than having to pay extra points on an in play bet compared to the pregame markets.

Also those who are making money from in play betting are often willing to make bets that are unexpected based on their observations of an event. This isn’t to say that they make wild bets that are simply guessing an outcome. But rather, these bettors are willing to make bets based on a team’s overall form even if things haven’t being going their way to that point in a game.

Soccer is a sport where this regularly happens. A team can be held down for the majority of a match but find a late winner, with bettors who live bet on the match having a chance to make more money than those who wagered on the same outcome pre-match. Even if that team wasn’t creating chances throughout the day, knowing their form and that it was always a possibility is a way to maximize value when the in play bet is actually made.

Sometimes an important in play betting strategy is to not in play bet at all. This is because some bettors use in play bets to chase pregame bets that aren’t going well. This is never a smart way to bet, as chasing can lead to reckless decisions that can harm a bettor’s overall bankroll. Sometimes it is smarter to simply sit out in play betting until you have a clear mind.

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Short summary

Sometimes an important in play betting strategy is to not in play bet at all, at least thats what I can say based on my experiences. This is because some bettors use in play bets to chase pregame bets that aren’t going well. This is never a smart way to bet, as chasing can lead to reckless decisions that can harm a bettor’s overall bankroll. Sometimes it is smarter to simply sit out in play betting until you have a clear mind. More tips can be found in this current item.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
If you have a reliable site and modern devices, you can have this little edge that gives you the advantage. On top of that you can use my article and as a result you´ll be fully prepared for successful live betting.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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