Online betting NASCAR – All you have to know

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, more commonly known as NASCAR, is the top car racing league in the United States. Despite being predominantly held in America and featuring American drivers, the sport is still very popular in other sports. NASCAR betting in Canada is wildly popular, for example, with people spending plenty of time watching races and betting on them. But how does NASCAR betting work? Let’s take a closer look at the odds and some strategy for NASCAR betting and lets see which sites offer NASCAR betting options.

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Betting on the winner of individual races

The easiest way to understand NASCAR betting is to break it down to individual races. The NASCAR season is very similar to that of golf’s PGA Tour. There are various races held throughout the season, and drivers rack up points for how they perform in each race, with the top drivers qualifying for the sport’s playoffs, known as the Chase. For each individual race, online sportsbooks will post odds for each driver to win that race. The odds will be listed based on who the favorites are for that particular race, which are determined by a number of different factors.

The favorites will have shorter odds to win, while the underdogs will have longer shots. Again, this is the simplest type of NASCAR betting, as all it concerns is what driver will win a particular race.

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Interesting to know
NASCAR racing is very famous and has been part of more than 20 movies. While someone could think those movies were solely from America. Nothing could be further from the truth. The list contains even a movie from Germany.

Betting on who finishes near the top of the leaderboard

If you don’t have a great feeling on which driver will win a race outright, but you think a particular driver will perform well, then you can always choose to place a bet on the top finishes. Again, this is very similar to golf’s wagering options for betting on who will finish at the top of their leaderboard in certain tournaments.

Online sportsbooks will often post odds for individual drivers to finish in the top three or top five of the final finishers for each race. Because it is easier to predict a driver to finish in the top five than pick the outright winner, the odds for each driver will be lower for this type of wager than for the outright winner. At the same time, though, it’ll be easier for you to win this type of wager than the outright winner, in theory.

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Handicap betting in NASCAR

Even though NASCAR is an individual sport where drivers compete against a bunch of different drivers at once, there are still options today to wager on handicap-type betting. Online sportsbooks will create hypothetical driver matchups and then create a moneyline-type handicap for each of these matchups.

For example, the online sportsbooks may believe that Driver A is more likely to finish ahead of Driver B in a particular race, making him the favorite. The online sportsbooks will then set a moneyline odds of -150 for Driver A, for example, and +150 for Driver B. This means that you’d have to bet $150 to win $100 on Driver A, and a $100 bet on Driver B would net you $150 if it won.

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The determining factor of this driver matchup bet is which driver finishes ahead of the other at the end of the race. It doesn’t matter if neither driver actually wins the race; it just matters where each driver finishes the race in relation to the other.

Some online sportsbooks will also let you make prop wagers on driver matchup bets. In this type of wager, the online sportsbooks will set a hypothetical “line” of how many places ahead one driver will finish then the next. For example, the handicap might be set at Driver A finishing 3.5 positions ahead of Driver B.

Driver A would then have to finish at least 4 positions ahead of Driver B for a wager on him to be successful, while Driver B would have to finish 3 spots or closer behind Driver A for a wager on him to win. In this sense, this type of wager is very similar to handicap betting in football and basketball with spread betting, as well as the puck line in hockey and run line in baseball.

Pick the winner of the Chase

Throughout the NASCAR season, drivers accumulate points based on how they perform in individual races. At the end of the season, the drivers are then ranked according to how many points they have. The top 16 drivers then qualify for the playoffs, which are also known as the Chase.

These drivers then compete in the Chase races, with four drivers being eliminated after every three races. Ultimately, four drivers will be left to compete for the championship at the season finale which is held at Homestead. Here are the odds.

Kevin Harvick+250
Denny Hamlin+400
Brad Keselowski+650
Chase Elliot+700

The format of the NASCAR season with the Chase makes for a perfect setup for futures bet on the sport. Before each season begins, online sportsbooks will post odds for drivers to win the Chase as well as drivers to qualify for the Chase. Each driver will have odds for each, with odds being higher to win the Chase than qualify, since that’s harder to predict. Those that are considered favorites will have shorter odds, and the others will have longer odds.

Some online sportsbooks will also update these odds throughout the NASCAR season, up until a certain point in the year. This would allow you to see how drivers are doing as the season unfolds before making a final decision on who to place your money on.

Hit the track and get in on the NASCAR betting fun

NASCAR is a high-powered, electric sport. While some people may not be as familiar with it and how it works, compared to hockey at least, it’s a great sport to get into and one that is relatively easy to understand and watch. The betting action is great in NASCAR, too, with plenty of opportunities to bet on a variety of different races as well as different types of wagers — ranging from single-race bets to futures bets to even handicap bets.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
NASCAR betting is popular around the world and offers often more thrills than other sports.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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