Rugby betting – How to make the most of it

Rugby is becoming one of the more popular sports in the world. As it grows in popularity, so, too has rugby betting. Games are relatively high scoring and action-packed, making them ideal for bettors and fans alike. Before you start betting on rugby, it’s important to understand how the sport works, as well as the various betting intricacies such as odds. Let’s take a closer look at rugby betting. We will discuss several topics. First I will discuss the different wagers you can choose from and after that I will go explain when to choose to bet on rugby. Last but not least I will talk about several events you should know when you plan to wager on this infamous sport. First of all, I`d like to show you a few sites where you can place your wagers.

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Know which type of rugby you’re wagering on

The first thing to understand when you want to bet on rugby is that there are two different types of rugby leagues – Rugby Union and Rugby League. Each play similar games, but there are slightly different rules and, therefore, different things you should pay attention to when betting. Both leagues consist of two 40-minute halves, with the game lasting 80 minutes total. Rugby League is considered the faster of the two, though, because each team has 13 players on the field, while Rugby Union includes 15 players on each team.

While the principles of scoring are the same, the point system is slightly different in each. Teams can score three different ways – by grounding the ball in a marked end zone on the opposite side of the pitch (called a “try”), by kicking a “conversion” through the goal posts after scoring a “try,” or by scoring a “drop goal,” which is referred to as a “field goal” in Rugby League.

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In Rugby Union, a try is worth five points, a conversion is worth two points and a field goal is worth three points. In addition to these scoring differences, there are two other gameplay differences between the leagues regarding tackling. The defensive team will try to stop the team with the ball by tackling them. If the attacker falls to the ground after they are tackled, then a “ruck” is formed.

If the attacker stays on his feet, then it’s referred to as a maul. There is no time of possession limit in Rugby Union. Meanwhile, in Rugby League, there are no rucks or mauls after a tackle. The attacking team will simply retain possession after a tackle by rolling the ball back to a teammate by using their foot. Also, the attacking team can only be tackled six times in a possession before they must turn the ball over to the other team.

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Interesting to know
Almost ten years ago, the Canadian rugby team was very successful. The team was among the top 12 teams worldwide. However, since then it`s international ranking declined every year.

Choosing how to bet on rugby

Despite the differences in how Rugby League and Rugby Union are played, the good news for bettors is that each have very similar wagers that are offered. These wagers also work the same way, even if the rules of the actual game and the scoring is slightly different between the two.

The simplest form of betting on rugby is referred to the money line. It works exactly the same as a money line bet does for other sports, too. All you have to do as a bettor is pick the winning side of the game, and if you do so correctly, you will win your wager.

Because you will just be picking the winner of the match straight up, sportsbooks will set odds for each team. The favorite in the match will be reflected with what are known as minus odds. For example, that team may have odds of -350, while the underdog has odds of +300. This means that you would need to wager $350 on the favorite to win $100.  This example translates to odds looking like this.

Highlanders - Chiefs+300+2200-350
Blues - Hurricanes-200+2500+175

The other common rugby wager is called a handicap bet. It’s sometimes referred to as betting against-the-spread. With this wager, the sportsbooks will set a handicap line instead of simple money line odds on which team will win the game. In order to win this type of wager, the team you pick will either have to win by that many points (for the favorite) or lose by less than that many points (for the underdog).

For example, if Team A is favored by 4.5 points over Team B, then a wager on Team A will be successful if they win by at least 5 points. Meanwhile, a wager on Team B will be successful if they lose by 4 or fewer points (or if they win the game outright).

Another common type of rugby wager concerns only the total number of points scored in the game and not which team wins. In totals betting, the sportsbook will set what’s called an over/under line on how many points the two teams will score combined in a game. A wager on the over is successful if they score more than that line, and a wager on the under is successful if they score fewer than that line.

For example, the total could be set at 24.5. That means a wager on the total would be successful if 25 or more total points were scored in a match. A wager on the under would be successful if 24 or fewer total points were scored.

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Big events

The biggest event in rugby is the Rugby World Cup. The last one for the men was held in 2019, and it is held every four years, meaning the next one is scheduled for 2023. The Women’s World Cup for rugby has been held every four years since 1991. The next one is scheduled for 2021. Other big international rugby events include the Olympic Games, which are tentatively scheduled for 2021; the Six Nations, a competition held every year between European countries; and World Cup 7s, organized by the International Rugby Board and held every four years between the national seven teams.

Learn the game and start your journey

You might not be as familiar with rugby as some other sports such as ice hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer and football, but rugby is a sport that is definitely worth giving a try. It’s an action-packed game that never stops, no matter whether you’re watching Rugby Union or Rugby League. If you’re planning on betting on the sport, make sure you do your research first about whether you’ll be betting on Rugby Union or Rugby League. While the games are similar to each other, some of the rules are slightly different, which can affect the outcome of games. Aside from rugby there are many more interesting sports and I discuss them on the mainpage.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
Rugby betting is very interesting and provides many thrills. Make sure to use my tipps to increase your winning chances.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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