Sportsbooks comparison for Canadian players – The top 9

Sports betting is one of the most fun ways to get involved with the sports that you love, as bettors have the opportunity to win real money from their time paying attention to their favorite sports and events. But to bet on sports, a bettor will need to use a sportsbook. This means that they should know everything they can about sportsbooks, which is where we come in. In my guide to online sportsbooks in Canada, find out important things like how to choose a sportsbook and how the sites work, to prepare yourself to place your bets, whether they are free bets or not. Also, you will learn more about regulation and licensing and how you can contact the customer service. But before we discuss this, you will see my selection of interesting bookmakers.

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How to choose a bookmaker and what to look for?

Choosing an online sportsbook is the first step in getting involved with online sports betting, and possibly the most important step as well. This selection can determine whether or not you have the best possible sports betting experience for your needs as a bettor. When choosing sportsbooks, there are things that you should look out for, to avoid choosing a site that isn’t going to meet your needs.

The first thing to look out for is the presence of reviews on the site or sites that you are interested in playing at. A lack of reviews could mean that a site hasn’t built up much of a name for itself yet and could still be working out the kinks. Meanwhile, positive or negative reviews can give players a clearer picture as to what they will experience if they were to use a given sportsbook. They also mark the starting point to your online betting journey.

A simple three step guide to find your bookmaker

When reading these reviews, it is important to remember that they may not apply to you in the same way that they would apply to someone else based on the criteria you deem to be most important. For example, bettors who want to be involved with a trusted sportsbook brand might choose Betway or 888Sport. If they prefer an up and coming sportsbook, they might go with 22Bet.

Either way, there are any number of things that go into choosing a sportsbook. The most important thing to remember is that the site has to make sense for you, otherwise you are better off looking elsewhere. Whether you need to make a list of criteria and develop a top 5 list of sites for each item, or you pick a site based on a limited number of criteria, doing the research to find the best option for you is highly recommended.

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There are more than 100 sportsbooks available. You don´t have to go through them, let us do the work. All you have to do is to read our reviews and decide which sportsbook suits you.

What makes a good sportsbook offer?

Sportsbook offers are commonplace in the industry these days, with the majority of sites posing some kind of offer in an attempt to get players to be interested in what they have to offer. But just like there are plenty of athletes who are not created equal to their competition, there are sportsbook offers that are not created equal either. Here, we will clue you in on what makes a good sportsbook offer.

Obviously it is important that your favorite sports are available and fortunately many bookmakers provide a wide range of various betting options, just have a look at the following table.

BookmakerAvailable sports
Betway Sports29
LeoVegas Sport33

One of the best indicators of a good sportsbook offer is the percentage bonus that is awarded to players for using that bonus, assuming it is not a bonus without deposit needed. The bonus percentage can dictate how much needs to be deposited to get to a desired bonus amount. The higher the percentage, the lower the deposit needs to be to reach that desired amount of bonus funds. In a similar vein, the bonus amount specified by a site is important, as limits to how much can be awarded in bonuses can stop an offer from being the best.

As always, it is recommended that bettors take a look at the terms and conditions of the sites that they are checking out sportsbook offers on. Doing this can help players understand the nuts and bolts of the bonus that they are trying to claim. Most notably, it can shine a light on the deposit parameters required to be eligible for a bonus and other key factors like the playthrough requirements for each bonus. All of the top 10 sportsbooks make their terms and conditions for bonuses easy to access, as this information is crucial in determining how good a fit an offer really is.

Another strong indicator of a good sportsbook offer is flexibility. This can come in a number of different forms, whether it be in the form of not restricting what types of markets a player can wager on or not restricting the odds that a wager can have. Either one opens up the menu a bit for the bettor, so to speak, which is overwhelmingly a positive.

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What should I know about regulation and licensing?

Sports betting is becoming a Canadian pastime, thanks to the increased legalization of the art both within the country and through offshore providers. Regulation for operators in Canada is carried out by regulatory bodies that exist in each province. Largely, these entities operate similarly, but can make their rules as they see fit to govern the industry. Some of these regulations can be more restrictive for domestic entities, which is why plenty of bettors choose to do their betting offshore. The following image presents more information about regulation entities and the history of gambling in Canada.

History of sports books online and licensing authorities

For offshore sports betting outfits, regulation is not done by Canadians, but rather by regulatory bodies in the places where they operate from. This is often a good thing in that it doesn’t tie up Canada’s regulatory bodies, but also because most sites are based out of countries where online wagering is commonplace. Therefore, the rules are good for players while they still hold sportsbooks to a high standard.

One way in which sportsbooks hold betting sites to a high standard is through the requirement of licensing. Licensing more or less tells the world that you have been approved to offer sports betting services through a certain regulatory body. That kind of approval more or less tells bettors that they can trust a site, and that they can be confident in what they are being offered there.

A huge reason that licensing provides peace of mind is the fact that a requirement of licensing in the sportsbook industry is the presence of security measures regarding payment information. No matter what payment option is being used, and we’ll get to some possible payment methods later in this guide, not having that information stolen is a huge step toward assuring players that a site is legit. If a site cannot do that through various security measures, it is unlikely to be licensed and should never get your business.

In a world of potential data breaches and payouts that aren’t guaranteed at all sites, licensing and regulation makes sure that players aren’t using a site that can’t deliver what it is promising.

How do odds work?

Sports betting odds are constantly referred to when talking about sports, as betting has changed the discussion surrounding the games we love. In Canadian sports betting, the odds tell you different things depending on if you are looking at a favorite or an underdog. Either way, you don’t have to be a sharp to understand it, as you can tell from the following table.

Who will win Group B?Odds
Bayern Munich-2500
Tottenham Hotspur+1000
FK Crvena Zvezda+4000

Favorites generally have a minus sign next to their odds number, and are deemed more likely to win in an individual matchup over their opponents. For a favorite, when the minus sign is involved, the odds number is telling you what you will need to wager in order to win $100. In the case of an underdog, often denoted by a plus sign before the odds number, the plus sign is telling you how much you would win if you risked $100.

That is simple enough, while finding the best possible sports betting odds might be a little less simple. That is because sports betting odds vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. Sure, the top sportsbooks might offer odds that are average, but there are usually sites that can do better than the big names in specific niches. If you are a bettor that likes to deal in niche events, there could be some more value in some sites above others.

The key is to research the betting odds at different sites thoroughly, as some sites might have more individual-friendly options than others. Doing this will give you a chance to make bigger profits in the long run, which is the name of the game in sports betting.

Mobile betting and what makes a good mobile site

Betting on sports used to require bettors to either go to a physical location, make a phone call, or use a desktop device to do so online. But today, bettors simply have to break out their mobile devices, thanks to so many of the top rated sportsbooks around offering mobile betting. When mobile betting, the most important thing to consider is how easy a site is to use. Without that element, players could be in for a nightmarish online wagering experience. In this regard, it is a good idea to look at the LeoVegas Sports apps. They received an award for their app.

The Leo Vegas Sports Website

One way that sportsbooks are making their sites easy to use on mobile devices is by designing specific mobile apps for their sportsbooks. Whereas using the mobile version of a site can result in players having to zoom in and out to see what they want to see, an app is perfectly sized for most devices as they are specific to each operating system.

Finding a sports betting app for your sportsbook of choice is easy. To do so, players simply need to go to the app marketplace that corresponds with their device type. Once there, searching for a specific sportsbook or for the genre in general should return the desired options. Of course, bettors should take a look and see if there are reviews for each app, as these can be insightful looks into what using each app will be like.

Payment options for deposits and withdrawals

Performing deposits and withdrawals are so important to the sports betting process and can often be overlooked by new online sports bettors. These transactions fund your account to allow you to place bets, and allow you to reap the rewards of your winning wagers. Fortunately, they are easy to do and you have many payment methods available, just look at the following table.

Withdrawal MethodWithdrawal
E-wallet0-24 hours
Credit/Debit cards3-5 days
Bank transfer2-5 days
Bank checkNo available option
Neteller3-5 days
Mastercard3-5 days
Visacard3-5 days
Paysafecard3-5 days

Deposits are generally performed with credit cards, e-wallets or bank transfers. These transactions are instant at most sites and don’t carry additional fees, although all of those items should be verified with each individual sportsbook before an initial deposit is made. Withdrawals, meanwhile, require a bit more patience, but are worth the wait as players can receive their profits for a job well done via many of the same methods they used to make a deposit.

The importance of customer service

Customer service is another aspect of sportsbooks that is too often overlooked. When a player has a question, they typically want it answered right away so that they can continue on with their wagering. With the live chat function that most highly-rated sportsbooks utilize, bettors can get those instantaneous answers to their questions. And for bettors who want instant answers via phone, that is typically an option as well.

Some sites have even taken the liberty of putting together lists of frequently asked questions, to avoid players having to ask another human for an answer altogether. Although those lists don’t cover every question, they can handle the basics to save a player time.

Speaking of time, if a player has some time and doesn’t mind waiting for an answer to their inquiry, they can always get a hold of a site through the email function that is offered by most online sportsbooks. This method tends to take the longest, but lets players save the answers to their questions for future reference, which is a major positive.

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The conclusion

Sports bettors have more options than ever these days, thanks to all of the sportsbooks that have popped up online. This is a good thing for the most part, as players have more choices than ever, but those added choices also mean that players should be careful before settling on a specific betting site. By following the advice above, you will give yourself the best chance to make your sports betting experience a positive one. And that is a win that can’t be measured in units won or lost. If you want to get more tips, why don´t you take a look at my compilation of relevant information.

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
We went the extra mile and searched for excellent sportsbooks, which have been presented here. I can only advice you to start your sports betting journey there, since you will get a nice welcome bonus and other great features.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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