Tennis betting – Infos about live wagers and systems

Tennis is one of the world’s most popular sports, with some intense betting action coming from all of the attention that is paid to the game. Online bettors are able to get in on this action, as they try to figure out how to win tennis betting markets throughout the year’s tennis calendar. In my guide to tennis betting online, find out what markets are available and what strategies can be used to maximize tennis betting wins. You will also read interesting background information about the sport itself and you will learn more about proven and realistic strategies. Last but not least, you will get the chance to claim an attractive promotional offer, for example at one of the sites I will show you now.

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What are the main options?

Tennis betting consists of some main betting markets, with the best tennis betting sites offering several popular types of betting lines. Betting on tennis matches usually consists of spread betting, moneyline betting and totals betting. These main markets cover the majority of what bettors care about in any sport, shaped to fit the structure of tennis.

Spread betting requires bettors to wager with a handicap applied to the side that they back in a given match. This is usually done in the form of service games won, with favorites having service games deducted from the total they win in the match, and underdogs having service games added to their total. This can be done with sets as well.

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Totals betting asks a similar question, with bettors tasked with wagering on the number of service games or sets that will take place in a given match. Matches that are expected to be won in straight sets see lower totals set for bettors, while more closely contested matches or matches where the competitors are better at holding service might see higher totals.

Live betting is also a key component to tennis betting, as bettors can wager on these same markets with updated betting lines throughout the match. These odds change based on what has already happened in the match, with match winner odds and totals shifting in the event that a match is more or less competitive than anticipated.

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Interesting to know
Young players are on the rise. Alexander Zverev is only 22 but the fifth best player in the world. Or Cauri Goff who played against Venus Williams and won. She is only 15 years old, but already playing at Wimbledon.

How does moneyline betting work?

Tennis moneyline betting is one of the most common forms of betting on tennis. Instead of having to figure out a complicated betting market, bettors are simply asked to make predictions on who will win each match. This sounds like it is easier than winning spread and totals wagers, but it takes a legitimate expert to make a profit betting on moneylines.

The reason for this is the fact that tennis moneyline odds can be difficult to navigate profitably. Whereas the odds are largely even on spread and totals wagers, moneylines have odds that are separated based on how close a match is expected to be. To win money backing a favorite, a bettor has to wager a larger amount, while underdog bettors can make the same amount with a smaller investment.

Moneyline bettors know that it isn’t wise to rely too heavily on favorites or underdogs, as doing so can reduce a bettor’s chances of being a winner overall. Instead, bettors should take a look at backing a mix of both favorites and underdogs while analyzing matches individually. By looking at each match on a case by case basis, bettors can be sure that they are properly analyzing each contest instead of relying on the line itself.

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Who wins the set?

This image shows a tennis rack and two tennis ballsSet betting in tennis is just like spread and totals betting with service games won, only with sets used in the place of service games. These markets ask bettors who will win a match with a set handicap applied, or will ask how many sets will be played over the course of a match. Typically, in best of three set matches, set betting will ask whether or not a match will go straight sets, as matches are guaranteed to be two or three sets in those matches when a match is played to completion. In best of five set matches in the four Grand Slam tournaments, set betting can be a little more interesting.

This is because matches can last anywhere from three to five sets when played to completion, giving bettors more options to choose from. Matches that are expected to still be lopsided will likely still have odds on whether or not the match will end in three straight sets, but more closely contested matches can end up anywhere on the set betting odds spectrum.

Examples of realistic strategies

Tennis betting is a type of betting that requires more strategy than betting on other sports. The main reason for this is the presence of different court surfaces. Whereas every basketball court, for example, is made of the same material, tennis courts can vary wildly in terms of their surface. A player who succeeds on clay may have trouble on grass, and a hard court player may struggle on clay and grass. One of the most important tips to tennis betting is to evaluate surfaces and how each player performs on them before locking in wagers.

Another solid system that smart tennis bettors can use is to understand the importance of each tournament. Grand Slam tournaments and Masters 1000 tournaments are treated with greater urgency by players thanks to the ranking points that are up for grabs. Meanwhile, 250 level tournaments are often used by top players to just get some extra match fitness. Understanding what each match means to each player can help unearth some additional profits.

What are the most popular events?

The most popular tennis events in the world are a group of 14 tournaments that take place throughout the tennis season. These tournaments draw worldwide attention, which is something that has helped make tennis betting so popular. Of these 14 tournaments, the four Grand Slam tournaments are the most popular.

Tennis’ Grand Slam events are the four majors, which are the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. The Australian Open and US Open are played on hard courts, while the French Open is played on clay courts and Wimbledon is played on clay. The three different surface types in tennis make for very different playing conditions, and suit different types of players.

TournamentStart dateEnd date
Wimbledon 2020June 29, 2020July 12, 2020

Outside of the Grand Slam tournaments, there are nine tournaments known as Masters 1000 events. These tournaments award 1000 ranking points to the winner, which is the most a player can earn outside of the Grand Slams. These tournaments attract top-tier fields as a result, and are played in three continents in between the four majors.

Additionally, the end of the year sees the players with the eight best rankings descend on the tour finals. These finals are played in a group stage at first, with players taking on a round robin schedule within their groups. The two best players from each group then play a single elimination tournament the rest of the way, with the winner being crowned tour champion for the year.

The tennis schedule requires players to be smart with when they choose to rest and when they choose to play tournaments, especially near Grand Slams given that there are usually Masters 1000 tournaments right before the slams. If players burn themselves out before majors, they run the risk of seeing their ranking fail to improve in the biggest events of the year.

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Short summary

Tennis has gone from being a sport that is paid attention to during Grand Slams to being a sport that people love year round. With so many exciting tournaments, and so many opportunities to bet on, it is no surprise that the sport continues to compile a growing fandom. And as long as bettors remember to think before they place wagers on the different betting markets that are available, they will have a shot to see a profit from tennis wagering. Aside from tennis events there are many more possibilities to place bets and to make some money. I have summarized those options here:

James Cooper, Editor-in-Chief
Tennis betting is extremely popular in Canada, the US and Europe. Why don´t you benefit from the various betting options? The tips in this article have prepared you well. Now it´s your turn to make the most of them.

James Cooper, Editor-in-chief

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